hand holding a custom crownAt Top Down Dental, we prioritize not only the oral health of our patients but also their confidence and satisfaction with their smiles. One such rewarding transformation was witnessed in the case of our patient, Diane, who came to us with a broken tooth that significantly affected her appearance and self-assurance. The expertise and advanced technological assistance at our facility, under the proficient guidance of Dr. Nancy Nehawandian, enabled a remarkable treatment journey for Diane, culminating in a natural-looking set of crowns that reinstated her beautiful smile and confidence.

Diane’s ordeal began with a broken tooth, a common ailment we attend to. The damage occurred due to attrition, which led her to seek a reliable and effective solution to restore the aesthetics and functionality of her teeth. This scenario is something many can relate to, and finding a trustworthy dental care provider is the first step towards rectification.

Upon thorough examination, the treatment path outlined for Diane was the placement of an Upper Anterior crown to mend the broken teeth. This is a standard procedure to restore damaged teeth’ integrity, function, and aesthetics. Diane’s case was straightforward, showcasing a routine yet impactful treatment process that holds promise for many facing similar dental dilemmas.

The accuracy and success of Diane’s treatment were significantly enhanced by utilizing cutting-edge dental technologies like the iTero scan and Laser treatment. These technologies facilitated a precise assessment and treatment plan, ensuring the crowns were natural-looking and fitted perfectly, blending seamlessly with her existing teeth.

The outcome was nothing short of spectacular. Diane was bestowed with natural-looking crowns that impeccably restored her smile. The transformation was not only physical but also emotional as she regained her self-assurance.

Dr. Nancy Nehawandian expressed her satisfaction with the treatment outcome, stating, “I was happy with the transformation that we were able to achieve.” This case illustrates the fulfilling endeavor of restoring a patient’s smile and confidence.

Echoing the sentiments of Dr. Nehawandian, Diane was delighted with her new smile. The joy and satisfaction of our patients post-treatment is the fuel that drives us to continue delivering exceptional dental care.

At Top Down Dental, under the adept hands of Dr. Nancy Nehawandian and the team, we strive to provide impeccable dental solutions that cater to the individual needs of our patients. Diane’s story is a testament to the quality and care we embody, assuring a pleasing and comfortable dental care experience for all.