Success Stories

Top Down Dental Reviews
What we say is one thing…but what our patients say is what’s really important.
If you are wondering how Dr. Nancy Nehawandian and TopDown Dental deliver on their promise to provide dentistry that changes lives, read on.
Feel free to check back often, as we will continually update this page  with more, actual client experiences.

Barry E. : More Confidence

My success story would have to be the fact that I was fortunate enough to meet San Jose dentist Dr. Nehawandian and her excellent staff. I have been a patient for more than two decades and have never received anything short of first class treatment.

It has been a rocky road for I unfortunately, in spite of arduous oral hygiene, have been challenged with problematic teeth. I have presented Dr. Nehawandian and her staff many emergencies over the years. Quite frankly, too many to count. If I was not comfortable with the level of care and confident in her expertise I would have experienced a far more difficult journey. Now as I have gotten older I have been able to begin a new satisfying career in the hospitality business.

My appearance is essential in my new occupation. Without Dr. Nehawandian and staff I would not be able to present myself with such confidence. I would not only highly recommend Dr. Nehawandian and her staff but I would like to thank them for many years of exceptional care.

Margaret S.: No more jaw aches

Thanks to the oral device that Dr. Nehawandian recommended and specified, I can now sleep through the night, knowing that when I wake up in the morning, I will feel refreshed and free of jaw ache.

Dr. Nancy also provided me with veneers, which vastly improved the smile that she and her staff worked so hard to protect. Thank you Dr. Nancy and staff, for your continuous efforts on behalf of my dental health and general well being in such a warm and friendly environment.

Catherine W.: Thrilled with the results

Over the last 3 years, Dr. Nehawandian has performed extensive reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry on my teeth.

I am thrilled with the results! Dr. Nancy will accept nothing less than perfection in her work. She is also very caring, and she makes it a pleasure to be her patient.

Jackie H.: Top Notch Service

I am so happy with the quality of work done on my teeth, the impeccable aesthetics and superior customer service. If you have the Groupon, come here! I did and I received an awesome cleaning, got to know Jenna (ask for her, she is so kind and amazing), and received great health advice for the quality of my teeth.

I’d come here again, and fully recommend you receiving top-notch service at Top Down Dental.

Maja S.: Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body, Healthy Life – it’s TRUE!

Love Dr. Nancy and the entire team. Who would have thought that you can look forward to going to the dentist?!

I started to come here about 2 years ago because I had terrible TMJ, no dentist that wanted to treat it or was willing to even acknowledge what I have and no advice I felt I could trust.
After much online research I found Dr. Nancy. First she took pictures of my posture, then of my mouth and ran numerous tests. Then I got braces and the TMJ is much much better. Treatment is not complete yet, but I can feel the improvement and feel like it has been a success already.

I can only recommend her as a dentist. Not only does she look at your teeth, but more your body as a whole and how other parts may actually impact your bite. She has the latest technology in her office so that she can really treat whatever you may have. I feel like I can trust her and she is honest with me, which is definitely key with dentists.

Also, she really explains to you what is going on… she shows you pictures and xrays on a big screen to show you the problem and makes sure you understand what you are paying for.
The staff is also amazing. Vicky and Fey are so nice. They always greet you with a smile, remember you, know stories and make it just a nice experience to be there.

The office is beautiful and warm. And if you are lucky, you even get to sit in the massage chair and watch a movie for a bit while getting treatment. If you can’t tell, I absolutely love it and can only recommend it. I don’t know if it is more or less expensive than other dentists… but for me going there is worth every penny.

Carolina M.: No financial surprises

Finally  I found a great dentist!!! I wasn’t scared nor anxious, my problem tooth that never got numb now finally was numb, all the prep work could be done, and I was watching a cool movie during the whole procedure! Also, I did not have to hold my mouth open (and get cramps), a device held my mouth open and I could relax. Best Dentist 2011, and high recommendations from other dental professionals. No financial surprises, either. Overall, a great experience! Thank you, Nancy!

Bob L.: Super Friendly

I’ve been seeing Dr. Nancy and her team for so long that I’ve lost track of how many years it’s been! Dr. Nancy is the BEST dentist and I still go back to see her even after moving out of the Bay Area late last year. I’m never nervous about visiting Dr. Nancy because I know that she and the rest of the team will always take care of me and do a fantastic job on my teeth. I’ve seen her for everything from my usual 6 month cleanings to some not so fun root canals. I never feel any pain or discomfort so I can honestly say that I never dread my dentist visits!

Everyone in the office is also super friendly. It’s nice that they have a small and tight knit team. You can tell that they all really enjoy the work they do and working with one another. I always enjoy chatting with them whenever I’m in the office. I’ve referred several friends to Dr. Nancy over the past few years and they in turn have referred their friends – everyone thinks Dr. Nancy is a wonderful dentist.

All the equipment used is high tech and up to date. There are even screens above each chair and headphones that you can wear – it’s nice to watch TV if you’re getting some more serious work done. There is lots of natural light in the office and it’s in a great location in Los Gatos.

I really can’t recommend Dr. Nancy and the rest of the team enough – you will not want to visit another dentist ever again!!