Investigate the Cause of Your TMJ

Dr. Nancy Nehawandian of Top Down Dental in San Jose focuses on analyzing, diagnosing, and treating TMJ disorders. Identifying the exact cause of your TMD could help us decide on the best treatment.

She begins by investigating the history of your health, then proceeds with a complete analysis of your mouth and jaw, checking the function (or dysfunction) of your masticatory (teeth, muscles, joints) system. This investigation and analysis allow her to plan an effective treatment for you.

When called for, she’ll conduct a series of tests using non-invasive electronic instruments such as the K-7 Evaluation System. The K-7 measures the stress in your muscles, the position and motion of your jaw, and the sound of your jaw. Data from this test indicates whether your bite is a major contributing factor to your problem. If your habitual bite is a probable cause of your pain, Dr. Nancy will identify your correct jaw position while your muscles are relaxed. This jaw position and its corresponding new bite, called Neuromuscular occlusion, will bring balance back to your jaw joints, your muscles, and your teeth.

T-Scan by Tekscan can help with the treatment of TMJ. T-Scan supplies a vital complement to the K-7 by measuring the pressure experienced as your teeth come together, giving us a complete picture of your entire jaw system from the cartilage in your joints to the tips of your teeth.

We also make use of the CS 9300 cone beam CT. it’s a revolutionary imaging tool that allows us to more accurately provide a diagnosis with more comfort and less radiation. We will diagnose your condition and recommend the best TMJ treatment.

The Best TMJ Treatment For Your Pain

Therapy Can Be An Effective TMJ Treatment

Physical therapy such as ultrasound, moist heat and ice, and exercises sooth, stretch and strengthen your jaw muscles.

Education and counseling can help you understand what’s causing or aggravating your TMJ pain, so you can avoid it. Teeth clenching or grinding, leaning on your chin, or biting your fingernails can be TMJ pain intensifiers. These TMJ treatments won’t eliminate your condition, but they can help control your symptoms.

Dental Orthotic

An orthotic is a splint that you wear over your lower back teeth. It’s comfortable, practically invisible, and can give your overworked jaw muscles the rest they desperately need. Over time, your orthotic can retrain your jaw muscles to relax into a new, healthy bite position. Often, an orthotic is the only TMJ treatment required.

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Restoration of Your Teeth

TMJ can often be effectively treated by reshaping your teeth with dental bonding or replacing missing teeth with dental implants. If your teeth have been worn down due to grinding or clenching, or, if your bite is impacted by broken teeth, Dr. Nancy in San Jose can restore them by using porcelain veneers or crowns. The added benefit of this TMJ treatment is pain relief and an enhanced smile.

TMJ Surgery as a Last Resort

Surgery should always be considered a last-line TMJ treatment.

Arthrocentesis is a procedure that involves needles that will flush your jaw joint to remove debris and inflammatory byproducts.

Injecting a corticosteroid into your jaw joint can be helpful. Used less frequently than corticosteroid injections, botulinum toxin (Botox) may relieve the pain associated with your TMJ disorder.

If your jaw pain does not go away with these more-conservative treatments and your TMJ disorder is caused by a structural problem, Dr. Nancy may suggest surgery to repair or replace the joint.

Get Diagnosed and Get Back to Pain-Free Living

Dr. Nancy Nehawandian of Top Down Dental in San Jose trained in neuromuscular dentistry. She uses state-of-the-art electronic instruments to diagnose your TMJ disorder and non-invasive corrective TMJ treatments to eliminate your pain and other symptoms in our San Jose area office. Once the harmony and balance of your teeth, and jaw are restored, your painful TMJ symptoms will fade away into a distant memory. Contact our office online, or call us at (408) 354-5600.

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