Is pain or discomfort from your TMJ disorder making life miserable? Everyone’s teeth and jaw have a unique balance in the way they come together and mesh. When this harmony is missing, disrupted or changed, your teeth and jaw must move and adjust. To do this, your jaw muscles are recruited, often having to work very hard to recreate your jaw’s healthy balance.

Missing or broken teeth, teeth worn down from grinding at night, a misaligned jaw, and orthodontic changes can be what’s causing your TMJ disorder.

If you’re a night-time teeth grinder … put your guard up

Sometimes your TMJ pain can be alleviated with a simple mouth-guard. If this is the case, Dr. Nancy Nehawandian of Top Down Dental in San Jose/Los Gatos will take an impression of your teeth and have a custom mouth-guard fabricated just for you. Wearing a mouth-guard while you sleep can save your teeth from the pressure, wear and tear that night-time teeth grinding and clenching causes. This simple, gentle device can also help relieve your jaw joint and surrounding muscles from the stress of night-time clenching and grinding of the teeth.

If your jaw muscles need re-education … an orthotic is the answer

If you jaw is out of alignment, it causes a great deal of stress and strain on your jaw muscles. Over time, your muscles can become so habituated to the unbalanced jaw position, that they completely forget that there was any other way to be. If this is the case, a dental orthotic (splint or brace) could be your solution. An orthotic is, effectively a splint that you wear over your lower back teeth. It’s comfortable, practically invisible and can give your overworked jaw muscles the rest they so desperately need. Over time, your orthotic can retrain you jaw muscles to relax into a new, healthy bite position.

If a few of your teeth have gone AWOL … restore your confidence

tmj orthotic san joseTMJ can often be treated effectively by reshaping or replacing your teeth. If your teeth have been worn down due to grinding or clenching, or, if your bite is impacted by missing or broken teeth, Dr. Nancy Nehawandian can solve your TMJ problem by restoring them using porcelain veneers or crowns. The added benefit of this treatment is TMJ pain relief and an enhanced smile.

If all of your teeth need work, a full mouth restoration is your best option. Dr. Nancy Nehawandian of Top Down Dental in San Jose/Los Gatos is one of a select few dentists in the world who can complete a full mouth restoration in a few visits. If your teeth are worn down, if your bite is collapsed, if you have many failing fillings and crowns, or if you need extensive cosmetic work, a full mouth restoration may be the right choice for you. Teeth restoration can give your mouth, and your smile, a new lease on life. Neuromuscular dentistry is what allows Dr. Nancy Nehawandian to establish the most comfortable bite position using computerized neuromuscular technology.

Now … relax and enjoy

Choosing a dentist that has your best interest at heart can make a world of difference. At Top Down Dental in San Jose/Los Gatos, we have a caring commitment to excellence. We care about your health, and we know that your mouth is the gateway to your body and your smile is the window to your soul. Choose a healthy smile and enjoy a healthy life. To get your orthotic, you can give us a call at