Safe teeth whitening – 1000 shades of white

White is one of those vague colors. There are so many shades that are called “white”. Take a look in your local paint store and you’ll find colors like “white dove”, “ballet white” and “acadia white”. They’re all beautiful colors to decorate a room with but, if you’re talking teeth, pure, creamy white is hands-down the most popular shade. What shade of white are your teeth?

Why do teeth discolor?

When your teeth first grow in, they’re a beautiful creamy white, but as you age, they gradually darken. It usually begins in your late twenties or early thirties. What causes your teeth to darken? Time, as usual, is white teeth enemy #1, but there are a variety of other factors that can speed up the process.

  • Staining from drinking caffeine and red wine
  • Smoking
  • Genetic predispositions to premature yellowing
  • The onset of gum and tooth disease

All of these can all gradually turn your teeth yellow, but, with a professional tooth whitening treatment at Top Down Dental in San Jose/Los Gatos, you can have your white teeth back.

Call your teeth “my pearly whites” again

Teeth whitening Los GatosYellowed teeth can make you look older than you feel. A simple tooth whitening treatment at Top Down Dental in San Jose/Los Gatos may be all you need to love your smile once again. We use Zoom teeth whitening, to get fast, effective and comfortable results. One of the best whitening products available in the San Jose/Los Gatos area, Zoom teeth whitening can make your teeth up to eight times whiter.

The whiteness that you’ll achieve depends on the extent of your teeth’s discoloration and what caused the staining. To ensure it’s used properly, Zoom teeth whitening is only available at a dental practice. The treatment comes in different types and strengths to suit your lifestyle and your teeth’s sensitivity.

Why go pro?

There are many advantages to choosing professional tooth whitening treatments as opposed to home teeth whitening.

  • Professional tooth whitening treatments are very comfortable, safe and effective. If you have sensitive teeth and gums, you might experience discomfort or pain with home teeth whitening.  A dentist can make custom trays to hold the whitening agent, causing less irritation. At Top Down Dental in San Jose/Los Gatos, we apply desensitizers for people who have very sensitive teeth and gums.
  • Professional whitening is quick and noticeable.  If you are whitening your teeth for a wedding, graduation or other special event, you’ll appreciate how fast you’ll get your white teeth.
  • The results are controllable.  Teeth whiteners only work on natural enamel.  Without the color control of a professional tooth whitening treatment, your natural teeth may end up looking whiter that your crowns, white filling or implants.  A professional treatment will give you more consistent results.

Get all the benefits of a brighter smile

Teeth whitening sanjoseWhiter teeth can make you feel more confident and may encourage you to take excellent care of your teeth. Top Down Dental uses the Rembrandt teeth whitening system, one of the best whitening products, to help you improve your smile, your confidence, your youthful appearance and your health. Call Top Down Dental today at (408) 354-5600 to learn more, or contact us online.