Lack of Sleep Affects Your Health

An unrelenting sleep problem can lower your immune system’s ability to function, increase inflammation throughout your body and increase your risk for developing serious diseases, such as heart disease and cancer. Sleep problems can cause frequent colds and an overall lack of energy. Over time, sleep problems can increase the risk of developing a number of chronic diseases, such as arthritis and diabetes because lack of sleep can wreak havoc with the hormonal balance in your body.

Sleep Loss Can Cost You Your Job

If you suffer from loss of sleep several nights a week, you are more likely to perform poorly at work. A lackluster performance at work can stagnate your career and even lead to dismissal. The anxiety and stress of a mediocre work performance only adds fuel to the sleep loss fire.

Sleep Problems Cause Accidents

Deprivation of sleep is one of the primary causes of automobile accidents and work-related injuries. If you can’t sleep and you have to commute to work, there is a good chance that you have experienced micro-sleep. Researchers have determined that if you are overtired when you drive, you often fall asleep at the wheel for a few seconds at a time. These so-called micro-sleeps are quite dangerous because they often occur just below our conscious level of awareness. Even though a micro-sleep may be so brief that we are not aware of it, our ability to respond to continually changing driving conditions is substantially impaired.

Loss of Sleep Impacts Other Parts of Your Life

On an emotional level, lack of sleep can lead to irritability, a quick temper, lack of motivation, and difficulty concentrating. Your social life will begin to suffer. Too tired to see friends after work, you may find yourself to be too exhausted to even return phone calls. The worst-case scenario relationship-wise? You may be so wiped out your intimate relationship begins to suffer.

The social isolation that comes from loss of sleep over an extended period of time, increases your risk for depression. Depression is a serious disease that robs you of optimism and motivation. The development and progression of depression is intimately tied to deprivation of sleep.

Conquer Sleep Deprivation

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