Are you unhappy with your smile? Are you considering getting a smile makeover to have a new smile that you’ll love to show off? If you’re looking for a smile makeover in San Jose, contact Top Down Dental in Los Gatos for outstanding results and an exceptional dental experience.

A Caring Commitment to Excellence

At Top Down Dental, we are committed to giving our patients excellent care. We strive to treat every patient how we would want to be treated, which means providing attentive care to ensure a wonderful experience from the first time you contact us through every visit to our office. 

We make the same commitment to every patient, whether they just come to our office for a smile makeover or if they become full-time patients.

A Fully Customized Procedure

A smile makeover is designed specifically for you. It’s unique. No one else’s smile makeover will be like yours. 

Designing this customized makeover starts with an in-depth, friendly conversation. Professionally, we call this a consultation, but we want you to feel comfortable so you can open up and tell us precisely what you want your results to look like. At first, we just want to hear what you say and look at any materials you brought to help you communicate. Feel free to bring in pictures of yourself when you’re young, clippings from magazines, images you saw online, gifs, or whatever else you feel captures the results you want to achieve. Also, let us know if your treatment has any limitations, such as a specific budget, a tight timetable, or procedures you want to avoid, such as braces. 

If you’re already a patient at Top Down Dental, we’ll talk about your smile makeover, but if you’re new to our office, San Jose cosmetic dentist Dr. Nancy Nehawandian likes to conduct a brief exam of your teeth first. We must ensure your teeth and gums are healthy before we start. A healthy smile is a solid foundation on which we build beautiful results, so we need to know if we must address health issues as part of your makeover. 

After the exam, and considering any limitations you shared, Dr. Nehawandian will recommend one or more smile makeover treatment options. She’ll explain the advantages and limitations of each so you can make an informed decision about which treatment is best for you.

Results That Are Healthy and Beautiful

At Top Down Dental, we believe that caring for dental health is a critical part of ensuring a beautiful smile that lasts–and is also vital to ensuring your overall health. That’s why we take steps to ensure your smile makeover focuses as much on your smile’s health as its beauty.

Management of Dental Infections

Dental infections don’t just affect your mouth. Gum disease and infected teeth can lead to bacterial infections that spread to your sinuses, blood, heart, and brain. If you have active dental infections, we will stop them in your mouth to safeguard your overall health. 

Healthy Dental Materials

In the past, dental materials could contribute to systemic conditions and health problems. Metal amalgam fillings were the worst but not the only example of this. When you get a smile makeover at Top Down Dental, part of our holistic dentistry approach is practicing mercury-free dentistry

TMJ-Conscious Restorations

Sometimes, people need a smile makeover because of damage from bite problems like temporomandibular joint disorders (called TMJ or TMD). It’s also possible that dental restorations used in a smile makeover could lead to bite problems. 

When we complete your smile makeover at Top Down Dental, we will factor in your bite to ensure that every restoration fits wonderfully. We’ll work to balance your bite and fit our restorations so they don’t cause bite problems.

A Smile Makeover on Your Schedule

During your consultation, we’ll discuss your desired timetable for your results. Do you need results in a year? Six months? One month? Let us know, and we’ll pick procedures to give you the desired results in that timeframe. 

Here are some basic guidelines for achieving results in each timeframe. 

One Month Smile Makeover

Although it may seem short, we can achieve remarkable changes in your smile makeover within just one month. Teeth whitening is a swift and impactful procedure. A session with our Sapphire Whitening System in our office takes a little over an hour, delivering significant whitening results. For those looking to enhance their smiles quickly, perhaps for a special event, the Sapphire Whitening System offers a fast and effective solution.

In most cases, we can radically transform your smile with porcelain veneers in less than a month. We can not only brighten your smile but also repair damage, reshape your teeth, even straighten them, and close gaps in your smile. 

We can even do dental implants in a month for some people. We can generally deliver a beautiful smile, but we can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to fully enjoy the buffet at a wedding reception–not everyone can get functional dental implants on this timetable. 

Six-Month Smile Makeover

Six months gives us the freedom to attempt some slower cosmetic dentistry procedures. Within six months, almost everyone can get beautiful and functional dental implants. The only exception is if you have an unhealthy mouth or jawbone loss. 

Traditional braces and Invisalign can sometimes achieve results over this timeframe. If you want orthodontic treatment in six months, Invisalign is a better choice because you can always take out aligners for wedding pictures or other significant events. 

One-Year Smile Makeover

We can achieve almost any smile makeover with one year of advanced notice. Occasionally, orthodontics might take more than a year if you need a lot of complicated movements. Other than that, there’s no cosmetic dentistry procedure we can’t complete with a year’s advance notice.

Long-Lasting Results

Now you know when you can get results, but how long can these results last? It depends on the procedure. 

Teeth whitening results can fade within a few weeks, but with repeated treatments, you can easily restore and maintain your bright smile. This is where the Sapphire Whitening System, now offered at our practice, becomes an excellent choice. Its effectiveness and convenience simplify maintaining a brilliant smile.

Similarly, the results of orthodontics can last a lifetime if you wear your retainers as directed. 

Dental implants can also last a lifetime when properly cared for. However, the dental bridges, crowns, and dentures atop the implants may last only 10-15 years, though some last 30 years and more. 

When properly cared for, porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and other restorations typically last 10-15 years

Looking for a Smile Makeover in San Jose?

If you’re unhappy with your current smile and want to learn more about the options for achieving the smile of your dreams or restoring the smile of your youth, Top Down Dental is ready to help. 

Please call (408) 354-5600 or use our online form today to request an appointment at our dental office in Los Gatos.