At Top Down Dental in beautiful Los Gatos, CA, we understand the importance of providing personalized and comprehensive TMJ treatment to our patients. And we understand the damper chronic pain can put on your life. It’s hard to enjoy the picturesque hiking trails in the Santa Cruz Mountains or take a walk in Oak Meadow Park when you’re in pain.

Led by our experienced and compassionate dentist, Dr. Nancy Nehawandian, our practice focuses on holistic dentistry and tailors treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each individual. In this article, we want to discuss a crucial topic: when to consider moving to “Phase II” TMJ treatment.

When an Orthotic Isn’t Enough

TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, can cause a wide range of symptoms, including jaw pain, headaches, earaches, and even neck and shoulder discomfort. When these symptoms persist or worsen despite initial treatment efforts, it may be time to explore “Phase II” treatment options.

As you’re probably aware, phase I treatment typically involves conservative treatment methods such as lifestyle modifications, relaxation techniques, and the use of an orthotic to alleviate symptoms. These approaches are highly effective for many patients and provide significant relief. However, in some cases, more extensive measures are necessary to address the underlying causes of TMJ disorders.

So, when is it appropriate to consider moving to “Phase II” TMJ treatment? Here are a few signs that may indicate the need for further intervention:

Lack of Improvement

If you’ve diligently followed our recommendations provided during Phase I treatment, including wearing your oral appliance and implementing lifestyle changes, but haven’t experienced significant improvement in your symptoms, it may be time to explore Phase II options.

Persistent Pain & Discomfort

TMJ-related pain and discomfort can significantly impact your quality of life. If you continue to experience ongoing pain, headaches, or other symptoms despite initial treatment efforts, it’s essential to consult our experienced TMJ dentist, Dr. Nancy, to evaluate whether further treatment is necessary.

Functional Limitations

TMJ disorders can affect how your jaw functions, leading to difficulty chewing, speaking, or opening your mouth fully. If you’re experiencing persistent limitations in your jaw’s movement and functionality, Phase II treatment options may be required to address the underlying issues.

You Want a Permanent Fix

Another reason to move onto “Phase II” is if you’re looking for a permanent solution. While an orthotic can relieve your pain and other symptoms, you’ll still need to wear it often in order to continue experiencing relief. The next phase of treatment can offer a more permanent fix, so you don’t need to wear an orthotic.

What Does “Phase II” Look Like?

Moving to “Phase II” TMJ treatment is not a decision to be taken lightly. It involves a comprehensive evaluation of your condition and developing a customized treatment plan that addresses the specific causes of your TMJ disorder. At Top Down Dental, we employ advanced diagnostic tools and techniques to identify the root causes of your symptoms and design an appropriate treatment strategy.

Phase II treatment options may include:

We understand that each patient is unique, and their TMJ treatment in Los Gatos should reflect that. That’s why we take the time to thoroughly assess your condition and create a treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and goals. Our compassionate and knowledgeable dental team will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your comfort and well-being throughout your TMJ treatment journey.

If you’re experiencing persistent TMJ symptoms despite initial treatment efforts, have functional limitations that impact your daily life, or want a permanent solution, it’s time to consider moving to “Phase II” TMJ treatment. Don’t let jaw pain hold you back from living life to the fullest. Contact our office in Los Gatos, CA, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nancy Nehawandian, and let us help you find the relief and restoration you deserve.