Are you afraid of the dentist or afraid of being sedated during a dental visit? Many people have a fear of the dentist that prevents them from scheduling regular dental care. Over time, neglecting your teeth can lead to decay and cavities.

Some patients just fear dental sedation. Dental sedation techniques have improved over the years with drug free sedation alternatives. If you have a fear of sedation only, you are not alone; it is not uncommon to fear the sedation process itself.

If the thought of a dental visit that requires sedation creates a bout of dental anxiety, you will be relieved to learn about a new sedation method called Nucalm.

What is Nucalm?

This natural drug free sedation method places your body in a relaxed state, all without using narcotics. This feeling is similar to the first stages of sleep, relaxed but still aware of your surroundings. This method allows you to respond to your dentist because you are not rendered unconscious. This alternate process works well for those who fear the unconscious state of dental sedation.

What are the steps in using this drug free sedation method?

Nucalm Dental Sedation San Jose

  1. You will be given a dietary supplement to start the relaxation process. This supplement helps to block adrenaline, which is your body’s response to any stressful situation. By blocking adrenaline, this supplement helps you to relax during your entire visit.
  2. Next, stimulation patches to aid your relaxation are positioned behind each ear by your dentist or hygienist.
  3. Headphones playing soothing music are worn to block the sound of drills or suction. In many instances, the sound of a drill or suction tube creates instant anxiety. Blocking these noises assists in preventing the fear associated with the sound of the drill.
  4. Eyewear designed to block incoming light are worn during the entire dental procedure.

By the time these four preparation steps are completed, you should be feeling as if you are going to fall asleep any minute.

Get the benefits of NuCalm

Total relaxation with no worries about the procedure is how Nucalm works to alleviate your sedation worries. If you are one of the many patients who suffer from dental anxiety, this method may be perfect for you. This process is totally natural and is less likely to generate a reaction to the sedation then standard methods using narcotic drugs. This drug free sedation method uses natural supplements that enhances your body’s natural relaxation response and relaxes your entire body.

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There is no need to be afraid of the dentist or sedation any longer. Do not put off that dental procedure because you are afraid of sedation. Call our office today at (408) 354-5600 to learn more about this new sedation method, or schedule a free consultation to see if NuCalm could be right for you.