Dentures with a Comprehensive Fit

The reason why many dentures fit or function poorly is that dentists don’t fit them properly. Economy dentures come in just a few sizes. A dentist selects the one closest to the size of your mouth, then takes an impression and makes sure they fit over your gums. Essentially, these fit only your gums. They may start out uncomfortably tight, but they quickly become loose and slippery. They may have limited function for chewing and may slip when you talk, laugh, or eat.

Traditional dentures are based on measurements of your mouth. They are custom-made to fit in your mouth as well as over your gums. These typically start out with a more comfortable fit. The quality fit may last longer. They are adequate for chewing and talking as long as you take care to modify eating techniques and carefully seat them before speaking. They may not be comfortable for long wear, and you may experience jaw pain, headaches, and other TMJ symptoms.

But at Top Down Dental, we use neuromuscular dentistry to get the most comprehensive fit yet. We not only measure your gums and mouth, we measure the muscles that are used in biting, chewing, and talking. We ensure that your dentures will support an optimal position of your jaw, which can make them more comfortable and will make talking, biting, and chewing more efficient. These don’t just fit your gums or your mouth, they fit your entire face.

T-Scan by Tekscan

We confirm the amazing fit of your dentures using Tekscan, a digital bite measurement that shows exactly how much force your dentures are experiencing at each point. T-Scan will tell us if there are localized pinch points that are not only uncomfortable, they can also speed bone loss, even if you have dental implants. Because Tekscan gives detailed data in real time, it even helps us pinpoint bite pain that rises up then passes.

How Better Fit Rejuvenates Your Appearance

When we measure your muscles and your jaw for fitting dentures, we are essentially seeking to reproduce an optimal version of the bite your teeth and jaw grew into when you were a young adult.

But because your jaw supports so much of your lower face–your cheeks, lips, chin, and throat–putting your bite back to its youthful position puts all those other tissues back to their youthful positions. You will see a reduction in deep folds and wrinkles, jowls, and turkey neck though some degree of skin and soft tissue changes will remain. Your lips will no longer fold inward the way they did with your old dentures.

We also get additional rejuvenation by using quality materials. The plastic teeth used in most dentures can’t help but look a little dull, even if they are artificially white. But ceramic teeth in the dentures can achieve natural brilliance, making your smile look even younger.

happy mature couple smiling and laughing with their new dentures

Dental Implants Improve the Effect

If you want to provide maximal support for your facial tissues using dentures, we recommend dental implants. Dental implants allow your dentures to be anchored in your jawbone similar to your natural teeth.

Partial Dentures Can Be Better, Too

Although people with full dentures will benefit most from implant supported dentures, people with partial dentures can also see similar benefits from these advanced techniques. If you are tired of a flipper that always flips out of place, we can help you get a replacement that stays in place and supports itself without clasps, hooks, or a plastic piece that fills your mouth.

How Much Do Dentures Cost in San Jose?

Dentures are an expense, but there are ways to make them affordable. If you think you need dentures, insurance may cover the cost. Check with your insurance provider to be sure. If insurance is not an option, Top Down Dental in San Jose offers many dental financing options. Have a look at our dental financing page or contact us for information.

Get Dentures Done Right at Top Down Dental

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