A Revolution In 3D Diagnostic Imaging

There’s a new option available for dentists when it comes to taking images of their patients teeth and mouth – the CS9300. Sometimes there’s a need to see an image in a higher resolution and that’s exactly what this user-friendly system provides. This new highly beneficial diagnostic imaging tool also offers images instantly so there’s no waiting. If you’re a dentist who is in need of a high resolution image, you have the option to send your patients to us so we can take the image for you.
Because the CS9300 is so new most dentists are still using the same system that they’ve been using for many years now. This includes using methods that use fairly large amounts of radiation, which most patients would rather stay away from. And because this new technology uses 3D imaging it provides many more details and beneficial information than the current 2D system can.
Because there are so many benefits to be had by using the CS9300 in a dental practice, we now offer in-house imaging so any dentist can now have access to this extremely helpful diagnostic tool. 

How The CS9300 Has Benefited Our Patients

The CS9300 works by using a special cone beam along with computed tomography in order to produce the higher resolution image, which is essentially a cone-shaped x-ray beam. This new technology offers an improved way to take the high-quality and super sharp dental images that dentists sometimes need in order to decide the best course of action for a patient.
The CS9300 is very beneficial for many reasons, including:

  1. The patient receives less radiation,
  2. It’s easy to share these extremely detailed images with patients, which provides a great communication tool,
  3. It’s only necessary to scan the part of the body you need information on,
  4. Less scanning time needed and
  5. Image results are received instantly.

When you choose to use the CS 9300, you’re choosing a way that will allow you to offer better care for your patients. Using the CS9300 can help you better identify possible disorders, including TMJ disorders, airway problems, sleep apnea, sinus problems, precise implant positioning and wisdom positioning. 

How We Can Benefit Your Practice

Because it’s important to do what’s best for your patients, we offer dental practices the ability to use our CS9300 system. We can provide you with all of the very clear and high resolution images that you need so that you can help your patients better. All you have to do is send us your patients and we’ll take the images you need and then send them right back to you for evaluation.

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