Get Rid of Pain Caused By Cracked Teeth

cracked teeth Los Gatos San JoseYou may have cracked a tooth while playing sports, broken a tooth when biting into your favorite food, lost a tooth in an accident, or be suffering from a broken tooth root or broken tooth pain.

Regardless of your problem, there is a solution for you at Top Down Dental in San Jose/Los Gatos.  Practicing general, cosmetic and neuromuscular (TMJ) dentistry, Dr. Nancy Nehawandian’s training, experience and talent will help you relieve your pain, restore your smile, protect your health and make sure your repaired teeth don’t have a negative impact on your bite.

It’s important to repair broken teeth, fill a gap, or address your cracked teeth sooner rather than later. If you go on with them as the way they are, you may be inviting a host of other problems.

Dental Care and Compassion You Need

Dr. Nehawandian is certified in advanced aesthetic dentistry and is a fellow in the International Congress of Implantologists. With her skill, dedication and compassion, you’ll leave Top Down Dental in San Jose/Los Gatos with repaired teeth, an enhanced smile and, best of all, no more pain. To help fill in your smile, contact us online or call us today at (408) 354-5600.