Surgery Alternatives for TMJ Treatment

3 surgery alternatives for TMJ treatment If you suffer from a TMJ disorder that affects the temporomandibular joint, it can truly make life difficult. This vital hinge that connects the upper and lower jaw is one that we often take for granted. When something is off balance, muscle strain and inflammation are common. Talking and Read More

Spots on Teeth

What can I do about spots on my teeth? By the time most people reach adulthood, simply drinking tea or coffee will cause some staining to teeth. In addition, genetics, tobacco use, stress level, diet, and medications can impact the appearance of teeth. What this means is that, if you have spots or discoloration on Read More

Choosing an Oral Appliance for Sleep

3 Things to know when choosing an oral appliance for a sleep disorder The purpose of an oral device is to keep your airway open by either repositioning your jaw forward or preventing your tongue from shifting to the rear of your mouth and blocking airways.  Before you hop in the car to get yourself Read More

How to fix chips in teeth with dental bonding

How technology is changing how we fix chips in teeth Dental bonding is the application of “tooth-colored” resin material that is bonded to a tooth. Dental bonding is often done to improve the appearance of a chipped or discolored tooth. In addition, dental bonding is also used to close spaces between teeth, to change the Read More

What Freud can teach us about dental veneers

What Freud can teach us about dental veneers Dr. Sigmund Freud is considered by many to be the "Father of Psychology." In fact, Dr. Freud began his career as a neurologist, and only later transitioned into the field of psychoanalysis, which would ensure his enduring legacy. While there may not seem to be a connection Read More

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