A Reason to Smile: San Jose Named One of the Best Big Cities To Live in

A new study shows that San Jose is one of the best big cities to live in. That’s according to new research by WalletHub, a consumer research group, which actually found that three cities in California belonged in the top 10 big cities. Here’s why San Jose ranked so high. Comprehensive Ratings System WalletHub wanted Read More

TMJ Symptoms That May Be More Serious Than They Seem

TMJ is often a treatable condition. In fact, it can usually be treated with noninvasive techniques if detected early enough. But often the condition doesn’t get treated early because people don’t pay attention to the early symptoms. Some of the early symptoms of TMJ may not seem serious, but they should Read More

Resolve to Do Something About TMJ This Year

There are many reasons to be happy over the holidays, but TMJ can also spike at this time. Although it may seem to subside again, it’s good to take this flare-up as a warning and get treatment before the problem worsens. Why TMJ Symptoms Can Spike During the Holidays The holidays are a big change Read More

At Top Down Dental, We Take Your Data Security Seriously

Top Down Dental believes deeply in our duty to take complete care of our patients. Our holistic dentistry philosophy means that we look at your dental health as part of your overall health and our philosophy of care means you should be treated as a whole person. Our philosophy of care extends to Read More

Can a New Class of Pain Reliever Treat TMJ?

We are in the midst of a chronic pain crisis. As chronic pain conditions like TMJ increase, we are realizing how few tools we have to really treat them. In particular, we have realized that the most common medication for chronic pain -- opioids -- are not only ineffective, they’re deadly. Opioid overdoses Read More

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