Considering Dental Implants? Don’t Forget These Alternatives

Dental implants are a great technology. They give us the ability to replace your lost tooth or teeth with artificial versions that look, function, and last just like the real thing. It’s like having a second chance at saving your smile. But one concern about dental implants that comes up often is that Read More

Kissing and Oral Health

4 things to know about kissing and oral health People who have poor oral health often have a hard time facing up to a simple but important life activity: kissing. If you or your romantic partner has gum disease or other oral health issues, it can be embarrassing for both of you when it comes Read More

Surgery Alternatives for TMJ Treatment

3 surgery alternatives for TMJ treatment If you suffer from a TMJ disorder that affects the temporomandibular joint, it can truly make life difficult. This vital hinge that connects the upper and lower jaw is one that we often take for granted. When something is off balance, muscle strain and inflammation are common. Talking and Read More

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