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When At-Home Remedies Stop Snoring but Not Apnea

The market for anti-snoring devices is booming. The number of people who snore increases along with increased obesity rates and people are becoming more aware of the dangers of snoring. To try to capitalize on this market, more and more manufacturers are introducing at-home remedies that claim to control snoring. The snoring in [...]

Snoring Causes Dangerous Damage to Carotid Arteries

People have a tendency to think about snoring as a sound that’s just a nuisance. If we do think about snoring as a risk, it’s likely because of its connection to sleep apnea. If your sleep test shows you don’t have apneas, you might think there’s no health concerns. [...]

What Makes the DNA Different from Other Oral Appliances

Getting your sleep apnea treated is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health. It will help you feel better immediately, and it can help you combat a wide array of psychological and physical ailments, including cardiovascular disease, depression, metabolic disorders, stroke, and more. Although [...]

DNA Appliance Can Eliminate Snoring in Nose and Throat

Snoring is more than just a sound. It’s a sign that your body is not getting enough air when you sleep. This is part of the reason why it’s potentially a serious health threat. But for many people, it’s the sound that brings them in looking for treatment. Snoring sounds can be [...]

What the Hype Doesn’t Tell You about Snoring Exercises

We’ve come to understand the importance of snoring. It’s no longer considered just a joke. It’s a serious condition. There’s the link to sleep apnea, which is a potentially deadly condition. But in and of itself, snoring is also recognized as a serious threat. It’s a sign that you’re not [...]

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