Smile to Get More Attention for Your Dating Profile Pic

Online dating receives, at best, mixed reviews from people who try it. (Then again, so does traditional dating!) But one true benefit of the online dating world is the wealth of data it gives us. Online dating is a huge testbed for what works and what doesn’t when it comes to trying to attract the Read More

Psychologists Question Link Between Smiling and Happiness

It’s something that has been an established finding in psychology, and something that we readily embrace here at Top Down Dental: smiling makes you happier. That means that having a smile makeover that makes you more comfortable smiling in public situations can actually increase your happiness so that you enjoy life Read More

5 Reasons to Tell Your Spouse About Their Unattractive Smile

If you could change one thing about your spouse, would it be their smile? If it is, then it might be time to talk to them about it. We understand that this may be a difficult issue to bring up, and you may not want them to think you’re unhappy being married to them, but Read More

7 Reasons to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist for All Your Dental Procedures

Sure, you know you want a cosmetic dentist if you’re considering a smile makeover, but what about your regular checkups and minor restorations? The truth is that a cosmetic dentist can help you get better results from even your regular dental checkups and cleanings. There are many good reasons why you should see Read More

Get Your Successful Smile Makeover

Are you considering a smile makeover? Do you imagine unveiling your glamorous new grin at a Hollywood red carpet event? Does the idea of actually planning your cosmetic dentistry, however, seem too overwhelming? Then grab your pen and notebook, because we have some insightful dos and don'ts for you. Why do you need Read More

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