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Sleep Apnea

Oral Appliance Therapy vs. DNA Appliance: Which Treatment Is Right for You?

Sleep apnea is a whole-body problem because it negatively affects your sleep. And it’s not just a night here and there of poor sleep; it’s every single night. Sleep apnea affects an estimated 18 million Americans and is 80% untreated. Its most common form is called obstructive sleep apnea. It’s when a [...]

How to Get the Most Out of Sleep Apnea Treatment

Waking up tired in the morning doesn’t set you up for a successful day, but if you know that night you’ll catch up on your sleep, it isn’t too big of a deal. However, many people wake up tired each and every morning with headaches, irritability, and a general loss of interest in life. [...]

Can Weight Loss Cure Sleep Apnea?

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea, one of the first things your physician probably told you was about lifestyle changes you can make to help improve your condition. One of those lifestyle changes was likely losing weight if it’s necessary. With that said, should weight loss be your number one [...]

7 Hidden Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Most people think sleep apnea means you just snore loudly when you sleep which is just annoying to sleeping partners. Although snoring is a major symptom of sleep apnea, it’s not the biggest danger of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can actually affect your overall health quite severely. Fortunately, getting sleep apnea treatment

Is Weight Gain Related to Sleep Apnea?

Have you recently been told you {{{{link id='115' text='snore loudly'}}}}? Do you feel lately like you wake up every morning still feeling tired? Have you put on more than a few pounds over the last several months, but you can’t figure out why? Do you want to exercise but can’t seem to find the [...]

Link Between Depression and Lack of Sleep

Many people think that a lack of sleep is not serious and only a mild disruption in their daily life. Studies suggest that lack of sleep affects you mentally and physically, causing you to be irritable or sleepy during normal waking hours. Poor sleep can make you feel fatigued, slow your reaction time, and [...]

Treating Sleep Apnea Helps Control Epileptic Seizures

If you’re not sleeping well, your brain will be the first organ to suffer. There are some obvious effects you will likely notice right away: difficulty thinking, memory problems, and just trouble focusing. People with sleep apnea often feel that they aren’t getting enough rest, no matter how much time they’re spending sleeping. [...]

When At-Home Remedies Stop Snoring but Not Apnea

The market for anti-snoring devices is booming. The number of people who snore increases along with increased obesity rates and people are becoming more aware of the dangers of snoring. To try to capitalize on this market, more and more manufacturers are introducing at-home remedies that claim to control snoring. The snoring in [...]

How Can I Sleep Better and Improve my Dental Health with Mindfulness?

Staring wide-eyed at the ceiling, trying desperately to sleep: nobody enjoys it, but we’ve all been there. You likely know the ramifications of poor sleep; being unable to focus at work, strain on your heart, increased risk of obesity and, of course, a negative impact on your oral health. How is Sleep Related to My [...]

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