Could a Low-Carb Diet Help Reduce Migraines?

There’s no secret that migraines are linked to your diet. Foods and drinks commonly trigger migraines for many people. But new research indicates that your migraine risk may not be associated with specific foods you eat, but with the overall nutritional content of your diet. A new study suggests that you might be Read More

Health Impacts of Long-Term Marijuana Use

In California, the partial legalization of medical marijuana has been seen as a victory for holistic medicine, allowing people more access to what is seen by many as a natural remedy and an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. However, others are concerned about the long-term health effects, and as holistic dentists we are concerned about the Read More

If You Want to Get Fit, Treat Gum Disease First

Have you been trying to get fit this year, but aren’t seeing the rewards you expected? Exercise can help improve your health, but if you have gum disease, you might find it harder to get healthy than people with good oral health. Because of the complex interaction between your oral health and your Read More

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