Neanderthal Teeth Show How Much Teeth Are Impacted by Environment

Holistic dentistry teaches us that oral health depends on more than just brushing, flossing, and making regular dental checkups. Instead, it can be influenced by our many life choices, as well as many aspects of our environment. Nothing demonstrates this as clearly as the stories told by a pair of Neanderthal teeth, Read More

Raw Water Has Dangers for Your Teeth

In an attempt to optimize health, some people are giving up water from municipal supplies and even popular bottled water in favor of what they are calling “raw water.” Raw water is unfiltered, untreated, unsterilized--and captured as close as possible to its source. Some people claim that it offers major health benefits. Others, however, are Read More

New Survey Focuses on the Power of a Smile

Most of us know that smiling has the power to make us happier. Whether we are smiling at ourselves in the mirror, or smiling at another person and seeing them smile back, we understand that smiles can uplift us. So it’s little surprise that the first item on the Great Kindness Challenge checklist is to Read More

New Definition of Oral Health Forwards Holistic Approach

In December, the Journal of the American Dental Association published an editorial adopting a new, comprehensive definition of oral health. This definition of oral health had previously been written and accepted by an international coalition of dental boards, including the ADA. By making a more comprehensive definition, the ADA has taken types of dentistry that Read More

Being in a Happy, Healthy Relationship Is Good for Your Teeth

Being in love won’t just make you smile--it can help make your smile healthier, too. That’s according to recent research out of the University of Queensland in Australia. They found that people who reported greater happiness in their relationship were more likely to visit the dentist regularly and be happy with the appearance and quality Read More

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