Are You Being Hit by “Headache Weather”?

Sometimes, it’s clear why you have a headache. You didn’t get enough sleep, or maybe you did get too much alcohol. Maybe you’ve been stressed or have been working too hard. But other times the cause is a mystery. Did you know that it might just be the weather? Here are some Read More

NSAIDs Linked to Increased Heart Attack Risk

If you are suffering from regular headaches and jaw pain, you might reach for an over-the-counter (OTC) medication to help control your discomfort. Although this might seem like a normal, safe thing to do, the truth is that OTC medications can carry as many risks as prescription medications. This point was driven home last Read More

Could a Low-Carb Diet Help Reduce Migraines?

There’s no secret that migraines are linked to your diet. Foods and drinks commonly trigger migraines for many people. But new research indicates that your migraine risk may not be associated with specific foods you eat, but with the overall nutritional content of your diet. A new study suggests that you might be Read More

Reminder: Women’s Emotions Don’t Cause Migraines

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age it would have to be said, but, apparently, it does: women’s migraines are not caused by their inability to control their emotions and handle their stress. Unfortunately, because women are more likely to have migraines (about four times as likely, in fact), there Read More