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Not Your Father’s Dentures

Not too long ago, dentures had a negative connotation about them. They didn't fit your mouth and fell out at all the wrong times. Fortunately, today’s high-quality dentures are not your father’s dentures. For modern dentures, patients can enjoy a comfortable and secure fit as well as a natural appearance. Discover what our [...]

Why Modern Dentures Are Better Than You Imagine

If you’ve lost your teeth, you want dentures. We know, you think you don’t, because you’re thinking about how terrible dentures are. But the truth is that modern dentures aren’t what you’re imagining. Modern dentures can be high-quality tooth replacements that can be almost as good as your natural teeth. Here’s why. Dental [...]

Why Dental Implants Are the Healthiest Option

If you have lost one or more teeth, there are many tooth replacement options, but dental implants are the best options for your overall health. Since the Top Down Dental approach focuses on dental care that is good for your entire body, we recommend dental implants for most people. Here’s why. Eat Healthy [...]

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