Staying Safe From Coronavirus When Visiting Your Dentist

Every day, we find out more horrible news about the coronavirus (strain COVID-19). Yesterday, ten new cases erupted in the United States, today we found cases without a known cause, tomorrow maybe there will be a case in our town.  With such a terrifying pandemic on the rise, it’s important to keep yourself and your Read More

Why a Los Gatos Dentist Should be Your Morgan Hill Dentist

Morgan Hill attracts some of the best professionals from across California, the United States, and even the world. So if you’re looking for a quality dentist, why would you look outside Morgan Hill? Because although Morgan Hill attracts some of the best, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has attracted all the best, nor does Read More

Nancy Nehawandian Named a Best Dentist in Los Gatos

Top Down Dental in Los Gatos is proud to announce that Dr. Nancy Nehawandian was named one of America’s Best Dentists by the National Consumer Advisory Board (NCAB). We hope this will help patients understand how important it is to choose the best dentist for them. What It Means to Be a Read More