New Definition of Oral Health Forwards Holistic Approach

In December, the Journal of the American Dental Association published an editorial adopting a new, comprehensive definition of oral health. This definition of oral health had previously been written and accepted by an international coalition of dental boards, including the ADA. By making a more comprehensive definition, the ADA has taken types of dentistry that Read More

At Top Down Dental, We Take Your Data Security Seriously

Top Down Dental believes deeply in our duty to take complete care of our patients. Our holistic dentistry philosophy means that we look at your dental health as part of your overall health and our philosophy of care means you should be treated as a whole person. Our philosophy of care extends to Read More

Why do we have wisdom teeth?

3 reasons we have wisdom teeth You probably have many different friends who have had their wisdom teeth removed. In fact, you yourself might have had the wisdom teeth removed from your own mouth. Of course, this begs the question "Why do I have wisdom teeth?" After all, if you are just going to have Read More

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