Using Advanced Technology to Track Down Toothaches

Although you shouldn’t, many people use pain as their guide for when they should see a dentist. And when you have a serious toothache, it’s hard to do anything else until that gets treated. The problem is that toothaches can be very difficult to pinpoint. The pain might feel like it’s coming from an entirely Read More

How Probiotics Can Help Your Oral Health

Your oral health is impacted by the presence of parasitic bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria are responsible for tooth decay and gum disease. But not all bacteria are parasitic and damaging. Some can actually be helpful, and if you can encourage the growth of helpful bacteria, known as probiotics, you Read More

6 Reasons You Should Replace Your Metal Crowns

If you have metal dental crowns in your mouth, you should seriously consider replacing them. You might have gotten them because they were the only option available at the time, but modern dentistry offers ceramic dental crowns that are suitable for pretty much any situation where a metal crown was used in the Read More

Battling Secondary Decay with Bioactive Glass

Cavities are areas of decayed tooth enamel (or, if they’re especially deep, dentin), and we typically treat the cavities with a filling. We remove the decayed and softened tooth material and replace it with synthetic material that is immune to decay. But the problem with fillings is that they can be vulnerable to Read More

Are amalgam dental filllings really bad? Find out what Dr. Nehawandian says on the controversey

Are amalgam dental fillings a good choice? Amalgam fillings, the silver-colored dental fillings we’re all familiar with, have become controversial due to concerns about their mercury content. Are they really dangerous? Despite the American Dental Association’s assurance that they’re safe, the belief in their danger is so strong that they have been banned in some Read More

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