Stranger Things Season 2 Delights Fans with Dustin’s Teeth

Last Friday featured one of the most highly anticipated debuts in recent years: the release of season 2 of Netflix’s cult favorite series: Stranger Things. And with the debut, one of the series’ most serious questions was answered: yes, Dustin finally got his teeth. This blog contains no spoilers beyond episode 1 of season 2, Read More

Have Concerns about the Appearance of Your Smile? Mention Them at Your Next Checkup

Dr. Nancy Nehawandian at Top Down Dentistry isn’t just a holistic dentist who can care for your oral health and promote your overall health. She’s not just a neuromuscular dentist who can ensure you have a balanced, functional bite. And she’s not just a sleep dentist who can treat snoring and sleep apnea so Read More

You Don’t Need To Be a Celebrity To Get a Movie Star Smile

When we look at photos of celebrities snapped by paparazzi as they head to yoga class or leave the grocery store, sometimes they look just like us. Outside of the red carpet, it can be heartening to see our favorite movie stars and musicians wear jeans and t-shirts and looking like normal people. But one Read More

Luke Evans on the False Teeth He Wore for Beauty and the Beast

If you’re familiar with Luke Evans, you’re probably impressed with his godlike appearance. Okay, maybe only godlike in the judgment of Hollywood casting directors, who slotted him for roles such as Zeus and Apollo (possibly the most handsome of the Greek pantheon). But you can’t dispute that he is a truly handsome man. And although Read More

New Survey Focuses on the Power of a Smile

Most of us know that smiling has the power to make us happier. Whether we are smiling at ourselves in the mirror, or smiling at another person and seeing them smile back, we understand that smiles can uplift us. So it’s little surprise that the first item on the Great Kindness Challenge checklist is to Read More

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