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“Healthy” Food Substitutions Gone Wrong

As we move into the autumn eating season in San Jose, we know that there are numerous occasions where we’ll be eating more sugar than is good of us, and sugar that can cause cavities. Halloween kicks off the sugary holidays, and it all goes downhill from there! So you might be [...]

“Healthy” Sweet Tooth Recipes May Actually Be Bad for Your Teeth

Most of us have a natural craving for sweet foods that probably served us well when the main source of sugar was whole fruits that are also high in nutrients. And we often had to earn that sugar by walking miles or climbing high into a tree. But now that sugar is so readily available [...]

Could a Soda Tax Save Teeth?

Although there wasn’t as much publicity as for the larger races, a lot was at stake up the road in San Francisco, Oakland, and Albany when voters decided on new soda taxes. The addition of a new one cent-per-ounce tax on sugary beverages has the potential to dramatically decrease consumption of sugary beverages. Although much [...]

How Probiotics Can Help Your Oral Health

Your oral health is impacted by the presence of parasitic bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria are responsible for tooth decay and gum disease. But not all bacteria are parasitic and damaging. Some can actually be helpful, and if you can encourage the growth of helpful bacteria, known as probiotics, you [...]

Survey Shows Many Adults Don’t Understand Cavity Prevention

A study released by the Children’s Dental Health Project (CDHP) reveals that many adults don’t understand cavity prevention. Although the focus of the study was on preventing childhood cavities, it also shows that adults are probably putting themselves at risk because of their lack of knowledge. “Little or No Control” Over Cavities Perhaps [...]

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