When done properly, cosmetic dentistry can last a long, long time. You can have a beautiful, functional smile for decades after your procedure.

But what if you got cosmetic dentistry in the past and were disappointed when it failed early? There are many possible reasons why cosmetic dentistry may not last. Figuring these out can help you avoid the same problem a second time.

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Your Dentist Wasn’t Trained or Experienced

Nothing is going to make more of a difference to your final results than your choice of dentist. That’s why you have to take care in choosing your cosmetic dentist. Select one who is trained in cosmetic dentistry and who has experience. If you didn’t use care in finding an experienced dentist, you might have found one who considered your procedure a “learning experience.”

Now that you’re looking for a new dentist to replace old restorations, don’t repeat the same mistake. Remember: any dentist can legally declare themselves a cosmetic dentist, even if they don’t have any specific training or experience. You have to specifically ask potential dentists about their training and experience to ensure that they really know how to place restorations like veneers and crowns to give you the results you desire.

Older Materials Weren’t as Durable

In the past, cosmetic dentistry materials weren’t as durable as they are now. Dentists often had to make a choice between attractive materials and durable ones. And even the durable ones were subject to staining. You might have found that your restorations either chipped, cracked, or became discolored to the point that you want to replace them.

But modern dental materials are much more resilient. They can stand up to all the bite force your natural teeth can. In fact, they’re many times stronger than your tooth enamel. That means they can be used in any situation, allowing you to have a beautiful, long-lasting smile.

But you have to make sure that you are choosing durable materials. Even today, some dentists offer less resilient restorations.

You Tried to Get a Bargain

One of the underlying reasons why people work with unqualified dentists or get less durable restorations is that they’re trying to get a bargain. If you really want to get attractive, durable restorations, you have to be prepared to invest in them.

This means investing in the quality of your dentist and in the materials used. When dentists spend the time and money acquiring advanced training, they will usually charge more for their services. It’s only fair.

And high-strength materials are advanced technology, so they’re expected to be expensive. If you’re not prepared to invest in quality materials, your restorations won’t last as long.

Your Dentist Didn’t Account for Risks

Even cosmetic dentists may not have all the training required to properly place cosmetic restorations. When placing cosmetic restorations, it’s important to factor in potential problems such as an imbalanced bite. An imbalanced bite can put excessive force on your restorations, causing them to chip or crack prematurely.

But a neuromuscular dentist is trained in the science of properly balancing your bite, and they have the tools to ensure that your bite applies force evenly to all your teeth so that your restorations are more likely to last a long time. This is especially crucial for a full mouth reconstruction.

A dentist also can’t account for risk factors they don’t know about. Make sure to tell your dentist about habits like chewing nonfood objects (nails, pens, ice, etc.) or tobacco use, as these and others can contribute to the failure risk of your restorations.

You Didn’t Care for Restorations Properly

While it’s true that most people who get cosmetic dentistry know the importance of proper maintenance, there are some who neglect it. If you didn’t take proper care of your restorations, they are more likely to fail prematurely.

When you get your new restorations, go over care instructions carefully with your dentist to ensure you get the longest-lasting results.

Are You Ready for Long-Lasting Restorations?

We understand your disappointment with previous restorations, and we’re committed to ensuring your new restorations last you as long as you’d like: ten year, twenty years, even a lifetime. It’s possible with the proper cosmetic dentist and the proper care.

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