teeth-whiteningIt’s easy to find teeth whitening products in stores, so you may feel that going to a dentist for teeth whitening is too much hassle or too expensive. But if you really want to get your teeth whiter, you will have better results with professional teeth whitening.

Here are four reasons why.

1. Dentists can use better whitening products

Legally, over the counter or store bought whitening products can only contain ingredients that are relatively gentle. This doesn’t mean than dentists use harsh, damaging products, it just means that they can use stronger products because they are present while the whitening is being done and are trained to use the products. The things we buy in stores, from teeth whitening products to medications, tend to be weaker because most of us are untrained in their use.

2. Dentists will focus on the task of whitening your teeth

If you buy teeth whitening products, you may or may not get around to using them. Or you may not follow the directions precisely, or start using the product but not keep up with it.

If you sit in a dentist’s chair for a whitening treatment, the dentist is just going to do it, and do it completely. If your treatment requires more than one visit, you’ll probably see results after just one, which will encourage you to keep your next appointments.

If you don’t see an immediate difference with weaker (see above) at-home whitening products, you may get discouraged and quit using them.

3. Professional whitening is surprisingly affordable

If the cost of professional whitening worries you, consider all the money you might spend on different over the counter products trying to find one that actually works. People tend to start with“whitening toothpaste” and then go from there. After buying a lot of products, you could actually have saved money by making an appointment for professional whitening in the first place.

4. Professional whitening is safe

Some over the counter whitening products, especially if you shop on the Internet, can come from questionable sources. While you’re probably okay with products you buy in local stores, you always know that with a dentist doing your whitening, the products are safe.

Your dentist is looking out for you

To sum it up: once you buy a whitening product, the manufacturer isn’t responsible if it doesn’t work. If you go to your dentist for whitening, he or she is going to make sure that it does work for you, because his or her reputation is on the line. Your dentist works for you and will do everything possible to give you the white smile you’re looking for.

Want more info?

If you’re interested in getting your teeth whiter, call your dentist for information, or ask me a question and I’ll reply by tomorrow.