If you’ve lost your teeth, you want dentures. We know, you think you don’t, because you’re thinking about how terrible dentures are. But the truth is that modern dentures aren’t what you’re imagining. Modern dentures can be high-quality tooth replacements that can be almost as good as your natural teeth.

Here’s why.

mature woman showing off her amazing smile with dentures

Dental implants

What’s the worst thing about dentures? You’re probably thinking it’s that dentures are constantly slipping out of place, that they’ll fall out when you cuss out rival fans, try to blow out the candles on your birthday cake, or go skydiving, just to name a few viral examples.

But that problem’s been solved. Modern dentures can be anchored with dental implants–which are actually attached to your jawbones, similar to the way your natural teeth were. This means that your dentures can be totally secure, which helps with everything from skydiving to eating steak.

Better Materials for Teeth

What’s the second worst thing about dentures? You’re probably saying that they look fake and everyone will know you’re wearing them. This may have been the case in the past, but not so today. In the past, many dentures were made with plastic teeth–made of the same material as the base, just colored differently.

But today, dentures can be made with ceramic teeth, made using the same materials as porcelain veneers. Your dentures will be beautiful and natural.

And don’t think these teeth are fragile. They’re made of advanced ceramics that can withstand 60,000 pounds per square inch or more!

Advances in Aesthetic Understanding

And it’s not just the materials that help keep your dentures from looking fake, either. In recent years, people have focused on understanding just what makes a smile attractive, and we’ve developed a much richer scientific perspective on the attractiveness of a smile.

That scientific perspective can be applied to your dentures, designing dentures that are uniquely yours and highly attractive. These aren’t dentures that roll off the assembly line with an identical set of “perfect” teeth. These are individually crafted with personality that makes them look more attractive than the so-called perfect teeth.

Neuromuscular Dentistry

Another thing you might fear about dentures is that they’re going to be uncomfortable. You might have known people, maybe your parents or grandparents, who took their dentures out most of the time, only putting them in for special occasions.

But dentures don’t have to be uncomfortable. One thing that helps modern dentures be more comfortable is neuromuscular dentistry, which looks at the entire system of your bite, ensuring your dentures fit that system harmoniously. This ensures your dentures don’t pressure certain points in your mouth. With balanced bite forces, denture discomfort can be virtually eliminated.

Dental implants can help with this, too, because they take the force from your dentures and convey it to your jawbone, where it’s supposed to be, instead of on your gums, which aren’t ready to take it.

Facial Rejuvenation

And, finally, there’s one thing that everyone dreads about dentures: “They’ll make me look old.” This was true in the past, when dentures weren’t designed to fit your entire bite system.

But with neuromuscular dentures like FOY ® Dentures, you’ll actually see the opposite is true: your dentures make you look younger. That’s because FOY ® Dentures reconstruct your bite system to a more youthful proportion, reducing wrinkles, folds, jowls, and more.

Dentures of the Future, Not the Past

The sad truth is, though, that these old-fashioned dentures are still out there. You’ll find them in every discount denture shop, every dentist office trying to get you to accept a bargain denture. If you want those old dentures, you can get them.

But if you’re looking for quality dentures that are designed using the best techniques and materials available, your choices are more limited. To learn more about FOY ® Dentures in San Jose, please call (408) 354-5600 for an appointment with a denture dentist at Top Down Dental in Los Gatos.