why we have wisdom teeth, los gatos, san jose, campbell, saratoga, cupertino, santa clara, monte serenoYou probably have many different friends who have had their wisdom teeth removed. In fact, you yourself might have had the wisdom teeth removed from your own mouth. Of course, this begs the question “Why do I have wisdom teeth?” After all, if you are just going to have the wisdom teeth removed, why does your mouth produce them?

The body is rather efficient in its production of everything else, so why does it produce extra teeth throughout the mouth? Well, this is all in regards to how the human mouth has changed over time, which is very important consider if you want to know why you have wisdom teeth and are asking “when do I need to have my wisdom teeth removed?”

1. A larger mouth

Your ancestors from thousands of years ago had larger mouths. This is seen in skeletal remains from the time period when humans were hunters and gathers with primitive weapons made from rock and bone. With larger mouths, more teeth were required, and the wisdom teeth helped fill this void.

2. Rougher food

The food your ancestors ate also proved the need for a larger mouth and more teeth. Food was much rougher at the time and harder to chew. If you have ever chewed a tough piece of meat before, you know how hard it is to mush it down in your mouth and swallow it.

Now, imagine eating this kind of food almost every meal. This is enough to wear down your teeth and make it difficult to sustain all of the food you consume (not to mention dental hygiene really did not exist back then). So, having the extra set of teeth in the mouth proved extremely important for the processing of food and the ability to break it down. 

3. Oral health

Pre modern day civilization dental care basically did not exist. Beyond using a shrub or bone to pick food specks out of teeth, there really was no other option. Teeth just broke down and eventually fall out. With teeth not lasting as long in the mouth, the human body developed the wisdom teeth in order to help aid this issue. While the front teeth are used for cutting, the majority of the work is done by the molars and the teeth to the side. The wisdom teeth helped with this issue.

When do I Need to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

If you have asked yourself the question of “when do I need to have my wisdom teeth removed?” you are not alone. With our mouths now slightly smaller than our ancestors, many people don’t have enough space to support wisdom teeth.

When this happens, the teeth can become compacted in the rear of your mouth, which might throw off every other tooth. Now, wisdom teeth are not guaranteed to cause you any problems. In fact, there are plenty of people around who have their wisdom teeth in without any sort of issue. However, in order to play it safe, It is best to check in with your dentist as soon as your wisdom teeth appear (between 17 – and 21 years of age).

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