There are many reasons why dental implants are the best tooth replacement available. Not only are they the healthiest option for you and your teeth, they are also the most natural in appearance. They can be so natural that sometimes even dentists themselves can’t easily tell the difference. Here’s why dental implants can be the most natural looking tooth replacements.

How do dental implants look so real.

An Attractive Crown

Dental implants are topped with attractive dental crowns. These dental crowns are made out of ceramic that is designed to mimic the natural smoothness and luster of tooth enamel. They have the same kind of translucency as your natural tooth material. This makes them much more attractive than dentures, which often have plastic teeth.

The Tooth Stands Alone

With dental bridges and partial dentures, your replacement tooth isn’t supporting itself. It depends on your natural teeth or a complex plastic framework for support. This support can give away the fact that the replacement isn’t actually your natural tooth.

With modern dental bridges, the attachments between the replacement and the natural teeth can be very subtle. They’re hard to spot, although they can be detected.

Partial dentures, on the other hand, often have highly visible connections between the replacement tooth and the support structure. The fake gum tissue can be conspicuous, and if there are metal brackets or wires, these are a giveaway.

Integrated Like Natural Teeth

Dental implants can look more natural because they’re the only replacement that’s actually integrated into your jawbone just like your natural teeth. This allows gum tissue to grow up around the replacement tooth, just like the natural teeth.

With partial dentures, this is not the case. The replacement tooth is surrounded by fake gum tissue, which is often quite conspicuously artificial.

When placed, dental bridges can be situated so that natural gums cradle the replacement tooth just like a natural tooth. But over time, the jawbone can deteriorate because there’s nothing to stimulate it. And when the bone tissue dissolves, the gum tissue can collapse, too. That will leave a gap under the dental bridge, which gives away the fact that it’s not a natural tooth.

Always in Place

Another benefit of dental implants being anchored in the jawbone is that they’re always in place. Partial dentures, on the other hand, aren’t well anchored, so they can move out of place.

If you smile and your denture isn’t where it’s supposed to be, everyone knows that you have a replacement tooth.

Are You Looking for an Attractive Tooth Replacement?

Have you lost one or more teeth? Are you looking for a tooth replacement that is very natural in appearance? If so, then dental implants are your best option, although we don’t want to forget alternatives altogether.

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