senior woman plugging her ears while partner snores

Most people who snore have no idea that they need snoring help or that there is even a problem.

However, if you are a part of the “Partner Snores Can’t Sleep” club, you know how frustrating it can be to listen to that rattling all night long that’s loud enough to make the walls shake. You need a good night’s sleep. It’s time to stop the snoring now before you get a divorce.

Snoring Help is Available

There is no need to toss your hands in the air in surrender or permanently set up camp in the living room in order to get that good night’s sleep. There are some at-home remedies to stop snoring but maybe not your sleep apnea. A snoring dentist can give you the answers you need to stop your partner’s snoring and give both of you the rest that you have been craving.
It’s important to realize that snoring can be dangerous for your partner’s health as well. When any type of obstruction is blocking one’s airway, the body is not getting the full supply of oxygen it needs. Snoring also is often disruptive to the victim, making it impossible to get a solid night’s rest. Turn to an expert for advice and you will both benefit.

Snoring Devices Could Be The Solution You Need

When your partner is evaluated by a snoring dentist, it will be possible to get to the root of the problem, determining if the problem lies in the nasal passages or has to do with the mouth. Often, the alignment of the jaw will cause the tongue to fall into a position that blocks breathing during the night, causing the snoring noise that has been tormenting you.
The dentist can develop an oral appliance that is a custom fit for your partner, aligning the jaw properly at night so that the airway remains clear. There will be no more noise and pleasant dreams for the both of you. If a nasal issue is the culprit, various recommendations can be made from a device that is designed to keep nasal passages open to antibiotics for chronic sinus infections or surgery for a deviated septum.

Set Up A Consultation and Stop Snoring Now

The only way to put an end to your partner’s snoring is to take action. Make an appointment and discover how the dentist can finally offer you both peace and quiet.