blog-dental-bondingYou can be dealing with quite an eyesore if you have chipped, discolored, or decayed teeth, especially those that are visible when you smile. There comes a time when whitening and other cosmetic approaches simply won’t give you the results you desire. You want to flash that smile and show everyone your pearly whites, but see only costly measures to get what you want.

Porcelain veneers can improve the appearance of your teeth, but this can be costly,  time-consuming option. There is another alternative, one that is simple and practical. Consider tooth bonding to make your teeth sparkle once more.

A practical way to transform your smile

If you choose tooth bonding, you can transform your smile in one visit. Your dentist will use a composite resin that is made of plastic colored to match your natural teeth. A tooth conditioning liquid is applied to your tooth after the dentist has roughened the surface for better adhesion. The next step involves applying the resin in putty form to your tooth. Your dentist will mold the putty to resemble the proper appearance of your tooth, treat it with a laser light, and add finishing touches.

A long-lasting solution

Bonding can last for years with proper care. You need to avoid foods and beverages that will stain your teeth, as well as smoking. In addition, good dental hygiene is a must. When you take good care of your teeth, you can make your tooth bonding application last. In addition, you will reap the benefits of good oral health. Continue to have regular cleanings and check-ups after tooth bonding has been performed.

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