At Top Down Dental, Dr. Nancy Nehawandian opts to provide her patients with as many treatments as possible to benefit oral health as a whole. One of these treatments is Ozone therapy. Ozone therapy is a holistic treatment that utilizes your body’s natural healing mechanisms to fight off disease, preserve natural structures and allow your body to heal itself. Ozone therapy can help prevent the need for drilling, cutting or damaging your mouth. Discover if it’s the right treatment for you.

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What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy is a holistic treatment we can use to reduce oral bacteria in your mouth. It works by warding off tooth decay. Ozone is a gas that is essentially activated oxygen. It contains three oxygen atoms to make it unstable and as a result, react with any other molecules it comes into contact with. In other words, it attacks the oral bacteria in your mouth and kills it. We can also use Ozone to sterilize areas for treatment.

Why Consider Ozone Therapy?

There are a few different reasons why you should consider Ozone therapy. To start, it’s completely harmless. There are no side effects to using it and anyone makes a good candidate to use it.

Ozone therapy can also help reverse minor tooth decay in your mouth. When oral bacteria excrete acid onto your teeth, it removes important minerals from dentin or your enamel which can then results in tooth decay. When Los Gatos dentist administers the gas in your mouth, the gas kills the oral bacteria on the spot to stop tooth decay from occurring. We can then apply a formula rich with minerals to your tooth to repair it from the early stages of tooth decay. Overall, Ozone therapy can prevent you from needing a dental filling down the line.

Ozone Therapy also helps repair your gums from gum disease. If you’re in the early stages of gum disease, using Ozone therapy on your bacteria-ridden gums can kill the bacteria off and neutralize the acid in your mouth. We can also use Ozone therapy on periodontal pockets without using surgery to gain access to the area first.

If you would like to reverse gum disease, tooth decay, or save an infected tooth, Ozone therapy can help. If you could benefit from Ozone therapy, call our Los Gatos holistic dentist for an appointment at (408) 354-5600