Unhealthy gums: 4 ways your gums can affect the rest of your body

unhealthy gums, los gatos, san jose, campbell, saratoga, cupertino, santa clara, monte serenoDo you ever experience occasional bleeding or tenderness when you brush or floss your teeth? Did you know your gums can have an affect on your overall health?

Most of us never even think about them until we discover a problem, but here are four ways unhealthy gums may cause serious trouble.

1. Unhealthy gums can affect your teeth

A little discomfort is easy to dismiss, but bacteria that has been allowed to stick around too long can become gum disease, also known as gingivitis. Left to thrive and survive, this is an infection that only gets worse. If it enters a more serious phase, called periodontitis, your gum tissue will begin to pull away from your teeth. Eventually this causes your teeth to loosen and fall out.

2. Persistent bad breath

When gum disease reaches periodontitis, a more serious stage of infection, there are some other unpleasant outcomes that come along with it. Mouth sores and pockets of pus begin to appear in-between your teeth, and they create all kinds of nastiness.

They look awful, taste worse, hurt when you try to eat and smell like nothing you want to be around. In short, this is something that is best avoided.

3. Complications with diabetes

High blood sugar, a constant complication of diabetes, creates the perfect environment for all kinds of budding infections. Similarly, inflammation resulting from periodontal disease reduces your body’s natural ability to utilize insulin.

Some people may have diabetes that has not yet been diagnosed or treated. This can make them even more vulnerable to getting gum disease. Consistent oral hygiene goes a long way in the ongoing battle to keep your gums, as well as the rest of your body, in the pink.

4. Healthy gums may mean a healthier heart

While research continues to try to determine exactly how periodontitis may increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, at the very least it is clear that there is strong evidence that gum disease may compromise heart health. Additionally, it may also reduce your body’s ability to fight off other infections.

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