3 types of dental sedation

man-scaredOne of the biggest fears that people have today is a fear of the dentist. Please rest assured your dentist does not take pleasure in your pain. He or she genuinely cares about your well-being and can take steps to make you feel more comfortable while in his or her chair.

Tame your fears with medication

When your fear stops you from making an appointment, your could consider oral sedation. Anti-anxiety medication from the benzodiazepine line of drugs, which includes Valium and Xanax, calms your nerves and helps you feel more relaxed before, during and after your next visit.

Relax with laughing gas

Nitrous oxide is another option that dentists to reduce pain and relax frightened or nervous patients. Better known as laughing gas, dentists combine the sedative with oxygen and give you the mixture through a mask.

The mixture typically allows you to remain alert, awake and able to talk with your dentist, but some patients do experience some side effects. You might notice some minor changes to the way your limbs feel, with some patients reporting that their limbs feel lighter or heavier than usual. The effects of the laughing gas start wearing off as soon as you stop inhaling the mixture.

Take the natural route

NuCalm is an anti-anxiety treatment that some dentists use with their nervous patients. This four-step process begins a dietary supplement that you take in the office. The dentist then attaches stimulation patches on your face or neck, covers your ears with noise-reducing headphones and covers your eyes with a mask that blocks out light. This treatment can dispel some of the fear and anxiety that you have without drugs or narcotics

Ready for an appointment?

It’s perfectly natural for you to feel a variety of emotions after scheduling an appointment. Dental fear anxiety and other feelings can make you feel uncomfortable in the hours before you see your dentist.

If you have concerns about your next appointment, worry that you can’t handle sitting in the dentist’s chair or have any other problems or fears, please schedule a complimentary consultation to talk about your fears and the remedies available to you.