Is There a Link Between Depression and Lack of Sleep?

sleep depression san joseStudies suggest that lack of sleep affects you mentally and physically, causing you to be irritable or sleepy during normal waking hours.

Poor sleep can make you feel fatigued, slow your reaction time, and cause weight gain. When your body and mind are tired, mood swings and symptoms of depression are likely to occur. Sleep apnea is often the culprit.

What is sleep apnea and how does it affect your mind and body?

Sleep apnea occurs while you sleep; often brought to your attention by someone close to you. Most likely you have been told you snore like a freight train or you stop breathing for a few seconds; maybe you do both.

When you are asleep, your body relaxes; as a result, the soft tissues at the back of your mouth also relax, causing them to obstruct the airways. This causes a decrease in oxygen flow to your brain; the brain signals your body to wake briefly to tighten those tissues and open the airway. Snoring and pauses in your breathing during sleep are common symptoms of sleep apnea. These disruptions in sleep prevent you from achieving a good night’s sleep. Without enough sleep your body essentially wears out, you may become irritable and develop symptoms similar to those of depression.

Studies have shown sleep apnea may be a reason anti-depressant treatments sometimes fail. Sleep apnea may cause depressed moods, fatigue, and tiredness. Depression and sleep apnea share similar symptoms, one can affect the severity of the other and make it difficult to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Get back to healthy sleep

If you have tried various depression and sleep apnea treatments with no success, consider visiting your dentist about specialized sleep disorder dentistry.

Exploring various treatment options with your dentist could be the answer. Today’s advanced technology opens new doors in treatments related to sleep disorders. Common symptoms shared by depression and sleep apnea may be alleviated with a personalized treatment plan developed by your dentist.

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