Beat the headaches and migraines for good with TMJ treatment

What is a TMJ headache?

beat tmj headaches, san jose, los gatos, cupertino, campbell, monte sereno, saratoga, santa clara, ca A TMJ headache is essentially a headache that occurs because of inflammation around the jaw and in the TMJ joint. Though it often affects women under the age of 40, men and those both younger and older than the normal age range can still experience TMJ pain.

TMJ headaches can also involve other symptoms, including clicking and popping noises, sensitivity to light, the inability to open your mouth and pain while chewing.

Talking to your dentist can help you find a diagnosis for those headaches and the pain that you fee.

Treating TMJ at home

Dentists often refer to the three phases of treatment when talking about TMJ. The first and second phases include some methods that you can use at home.

  1. Taking over the counter medications for pain can reduce the frequent headaches or migraines that you experience, but you might find that doing some simple exercises is a better solution.
  2. Those working in stressful jobs and those going through stressful situations should rely on a few stress reduction techniques, including taking long and deep breaths and slowly counting to 10.
  3. Using a split at night and avoiding harder or crunchier foods can also help.

Other TMJ treatments

If your TMJ problems persist, your dentist can help you with other treatment options, including:

to bring alignment back to your bite. Even one tooth that is slightly off-center or crooked can change the way you bite, chew and use your mouth, which leads to additional stress on the joints and muscles.

Get a handle on your TMJ

TMJ can cause a throbbing pain that radiates from your head to behind your eyes, down along your jaw and throughout your back. While taking over the counter medications and using other home remedies can give you some relief, many patients find that they need additional relief through TMJ dental treatment,

If you would like to find out whether the pain and headaches you feel is occuring because of your TMJ and how we can help you feel better, schedule a complimentary consultation.