4 myths about TMJ neck pain-busted

neck-painIf you are suffering from neck pain, you might think you just have to put up with it, but that’s not the case. Neck pain can really wear you down, making it difficult to enjoy your favorite activities because the discomfort is your constant companion.

If you have tried everything, there could be an underlying cause that has a simple solution. Take note of four myths about neck pain and find answers.

Myth #1: Time heals all wounds

You’ve probably been told time and again that all you need is rest to rid yourself of bothersome neck pain. A doctor may even send you to bed for a day or two to provide you with relieve.

Bed rest is actually one of the worst things that you could do for neck pain. When you are inactive, your muscles become weak. The moment that you try and return to your normal activities, you’ll find yourself straining your neck more and wind up with a bigger problem.

Myth # 2: A spinal injury must be the cause of your neck pain

People often jump to the conclusion that they have a spinal injury and that is affecting their neck. While this is actually the case for some victims of neck pain, poor posture is a common cause of the problem. Simple steps can be taken to encourage proper posture while walking, sitting, and sleeping. Avoiding high heels, being overweight, lack of sleep, and smoking can all reduce neck pain as well.

Myth # 3: If your doctor can’t find a cause you must be imagining it

If you go to the doctor about your neck pain and the source can’t be found, don’t be surprised if you’re told you must be imagining your pain. It’s time to get a second opinion. If you can’t find help at the doctor, your dentist may have a solution.

Myth #4: If your pain is chronic, your condition is deteriorating

Chronic neck pain doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is getting worse. Many serious, spinal problems may not exhibit any painful symptoms. When you deal with neck pain on a regular basis, the most important thing that you can do is find answers. Discover what is causing your pain and then try a host of remedies. From therapy to warm compresses and massage, your neck pain can be eliminated.

Is TMJ at the root of your neck pain?

TMJ is a common cause of neck pain. If you would like to learn more about TMJ and how it can cause neck pain, download my free TMJ e-book.