unhappy grumpy little girlHas your child ever complained about being tired despite getting 8 or more hours per night? Are your children restless or grouchy during the day? Do you have behavior problems or are your children performing poorly at school? If they a they may be suffering from a sleep disorder. Sleep disorders in children are quite common, and can be a bit of an issue for them. Some sleep disorders are caused by not lack of sleep, but by an underdeveloped jaw. If you think your child may be suffering from a sleep disorder, you can rest easy. There are plenty of options you can take advantage of.

What exactly are sleep disorders?

A sleep disorder is any chronic condition in which a child is unable to get enough sleep. While there are many causes of sleep disorders in children, not very many people know that children can suffer from sleep apnea. With a condition such as sleep apnea a child will experience a number of symptoms. These symptoms include snoring, restlessness, pauses in breathing, frequent awakening and also sleepiness in the daytime. Fortunately there are solutions to this problem for your child.

Help your child get the rest they need

Imagine life with a well-rested , happy child. Not only would things would be much more pleasant for you and your child, adequate sleep is critical for your child’s health and development. Fortunately, if you suspect your child is suffering from a breathing related sleep disorder, the solution is closer than you may think. In order to help your child eliminate sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, you might want to consider taking them to a dentist trained in sleep disorder dentistry. At my San Jose/Los Gatos practice, I start by examining your child’s jaw. If I determine that your child’s jaw development could be at the root of his or her sleep problems, we’ll begin to look at orthodontics. Orthodontics will help practitioners are specialists who help rearrange the configuration of a child’s jaw. Their procedures will likely be an ideal solution for sleep disorders in children.

Find out more about your child’s sleep disorder

You may be wondering what you should do now if your child has a sleep disorder. If you suspect that your child child has a breathing related sleep disorder, the best thing to do is take your child to a dental professional and get them evaluated. The sleep apnea treatments your dentist may prescribe are the removal of your child’s tonsils, orthodontics to help straighten out the jaw or ways to establish continuous airway pressure ventilation in your child’s mouth. By taking my simple on-line, no obligations sleep disorder questionnaire, You’re on the way to finding out why your child isn’t getting the rest they need.