Candy, cookies, pies, cakes, wine, and sweets galore! There’s nothing quite like the holiday season. Unfortunately, the indulgence during the holiday season can have an impact on your health. We’re not talking about your waistline – we’re talking about your teeth. Sugar and starchy foods can lead to cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease if you’re not careful. To keep your teeth healthy this holiday season, use the following tips from Top Down Dental.

A jolly man with a Santa hat on smiles, showing his grin. How are you taking care of your oral health this holiday season?

Stay Hydrated

Our first tip for keeping your teeth healthy this holiday season is to stay hydrated. When we say stay hydrated what we actually mean is that you drink extra water. If you happen to drink a cup of hot cocoa or glass of wine, make sure to drink a glass of water afterward to wash the sugar off your teeth. Staying hydrated is also a great way to increase your saliva production which also helps wash away bacteria and debris from your mouth.

Brush Your Teeth Extra

If you’re enjoying a sugary snack and it’s nowhere close to your regular tooth brushing time, do yourself a favor and brush your teeth if you can. The less time sugar and bacteria spend on your teeth the less likely it will result in cavities, tooth decay or gum disease. Including some extra tooth brushing sessions throughout your holiday season can benefit your oral health.

Don’t Forget to Floss

If flossing isn’t a part of your daily oral health routine, it should be. Don’t forget to floss this holiday season to remove food debris (especially turkey) and plaque from between your teeth. This will help you fight gum disease and tooth decay.

Use a Fluoridated Mouthwash

If you don’t normally use a fluoridated mouthwash, using one during the holiday season can provide your teeth with some extra protection against cavities while you indulge in your favorite holiday treats. Pick a mouthwash that contains fluoride and the ADA seal.

Don’t Overindulge

Although you might want to eat every dessert in sight, try not to overindulge. The excess sugar isn’t good for your teeth or your waistline.

Careful What You Bite

Lastly, please remember that your teeth are not tools. You should also never bite into ice or hard candies otherwise you can damage your teeth.

These simple tips can help your teeth stay healthy all holiday season and all year round if you wish. We wish you a happy holiday season! If you would like to meet with our dentist for a dental exam or have questions about other preventive care, please call our dental office in Los Gatos at (408) 354-5600.