teeth whitening, los gatos, san jose, campbell, saratoga, cupertino, santa clara, monte serenoAre you are considering whitening your teeth? Before you do, we think there are a few things you should know before you start. Why? Not all whitening systems are created equal. Arming yourself with knowledge about store bought teeth whitening kits versus professional whitening at your dental office is a great start in deciding which is better and safer.

How teeth whitening products work

Whitening kits come in a wide array of choices, from trays to strips to custom-made professional kits. The form the kit comes in is less important than the ingredient used and the strength of that ingredient. 

Some, teeth whitening products use hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth while others use a product called carbamide peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide release molecules of oxygen that lessen the appearance of staining due to a chemical reaction. Both professional kits and store bought kits work the same way and use similar ingredients with the professional kits typically containing higher concentrations of the bleaching agent.

Whiten your teeth safely with these three tips

1. Tooth and gum sensitivity can occur if the whitening product is used incorrectly. Sensitivity can happen by a poor fitting tray that allows the product to touch your gums. Using the product longer than the recommended time can cause sensitivity as well.

2. Tooth whitening products will not whiten crowns or fillings. Attempting to match the color of crowns by whitening may cause your teeth to appear a translucent blue color. Not only will your teeth look unnatural but over whitening may damage the enamel possibly leading to early decay.

3. A visit to your dentist for a consultation on teeth whitening is a wise choice as whitening products should not be used if tooth decay or cavities are present. You should not use a whitening product if you have gum disease or are pregnant or nursing.

What teeth whitening treatment is best for you?

Teeth whitening products vary by strength, application method, and price. Research available products before making a final decision, including professional whitening by your dentist. Professional whitening often produces faster results in less time and, if sensitivity occurs, your dentist is there to alleviate any discomfort.

If you would like to find the best teeth whitening method for you, come in for a free consultation and find out.