tmj treatment alternatives, los gatos, san jose, campbell, saratoga, cupertino, santa clara, monte serenoIf you suffer from a TMJ disorder that affects the temporomandibular joint, it can truly make life difficult. This vital hinge that connects the upper and lower jaw is one that we often take for granted. When something is off balance, muscle strain and inflammation are common. Talking and eating can cause discomfort. Worse yet, you could be dealing with chronic pain in your jaw that extends to your head, neck, and shoulders.

When remedies such as pain relievers and compresses have failed, it’s time to consider other alternatives. Once your TMJ specialist has identified the underlying cause of your TMJ disorder, the following options for TMJ treatment are available. 

1. Physical therapy

Your TMJ problems may stem from the way that you chew and bite. To find relief from your pain and other annoying symptoms, it may be a simple matter of re-training your jaw how to move. A physical therapist can create a treatment plan to address any physical issues concerning your jaw, teaching you new ways to place your bite as well as helping you to do strengthening and stretching exercises.

2. TMJ orthotics

TMJ orthotics are another popular approach used for treating problems that originate in the jaw. An orthotic, also referred to as a bite splint, is worn at all times. Made of an acrylic material, it is placed on the lower teeth, ensuring that the mandible will be placed in a better position, or one that is more comfortable, with regular use.

3. Full mouth reconstruction

When missing, damaged or decayed teeth are behind your TMJ, a full mouth reconstruction, also know as a smile rejuvenation or dental makeover, can help relieve your pain by restoring your teeth.

A full mouth reconstruction gets  to the root of your jaw problems and builds a strong foundation. Dental implants, crowns, and veneers can help to restore the function of your jaw. Orthodontics can also help Once your teeth have been restored, your bite is balanced, and your jaw is aligned, your pain should abate. The bonus? A smile that we’re sure you will love!.

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