3 reasons you should invest in a snoring device

blog-sleep-job-performanceSnoring is a common problem that plagues nearly 50% of North Americans over the age of forty. Snoring is more than annoying. It can lead to serious consequences as well. If you are one of the many snorers out there, take a look at three reasons you should invest in a snoring device.

1. Snoring can lead to chronic fatigue

When you snore, there is a good possibility that you are never falling into a deep, restful sleep. As a result, you may find yourself wandering around in a mental fog every day, too exhausted to get anything accomplished. The racket you cause at night could be making your entire family tired and cranky as well. Invest in a snoring device and say sweet dreams at night.

2. Snoring can lead to obesity

When your sleep patterns are disturbed night after night, it can actually slow down your metabolism. The next thing you know, the pounds will begin to creep up. Buy a snoring device to get your sleep cycle on track and your metabolism should start working properly as well.

3. Snoring can lead to other health problems

Snoring is often a sign of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that causes you to stop breathing during the night due to a blocked airway. Moments of paused breathing can last for more than 10 seconds and occur dozens of times each night, stealing your sleep and your air.

When your body is deprived of oxygen and restful sleep, it can take a terrible toll on your health. Your powers of concentration can diminish and it puts a strain on your heart. An increased risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke all come hand in hand with sleep apnea.

Invest in yourself. Invest in your health

Take the time to invest in a snoring device. It’s an oral appliance that is worn at night, resolving your snoring problems. Your airway will remain clear while you sleep, allowing you to get a good night’s rest.

Is a snoring device the treatment for you? Schedule a complimentary consultation and find out.