It’s just a few weeks since we wrote about the link between sleep apnea and hypertension, so why are we revisiting it now with an infographic? Simple.

Top Down Dental sleep apnea infographic

This Is Important

Sleep apnea and hypertension are two potentially deadly health conditions. Their tendency to occur together and reinforce one another can make them even more deadly. It’s important that people understand not just that these conditions exist, but that that it isn’t always possible to treat the one without treating the other.

Because this issue is so important, it’s worth reiterating from time to time.

Infographics Can Reach More People

Sure, we know you’re a reader, but what about the rest of your friends and family? Especially the ones that really need to know this information . . . how likely are they to read an article that’s several hundred words long? On the other hand, a lot more people are going to quickly glance at an infographic that can give them all the information they want in just a moment. They’ll take that information in and benefit from it.

Just as important as reaching more people is that we’re going to be reaching different people. Many of the people who read the article might not pay attention to the infographic, and vice versa.

Infographics Are More Shareable

Another benefit of an infographic is that people are more likely to share it. Articles tend to get shared less often because people might not want to share them without first reading them. However, once you start reading them, it’s easy to get distracted and never actually follow through.

But with an infographic, the time is shorter between the impulse to share and feeling you can actually share it. That makes you more likely to pass the graphic on to friends and family who really need to see it.

We Share because We Care

In the end, sharing information like this is a vital part of our mission. Our patients can’t respond to health conditions they don’t know about, so it’s our job to make sure they know about vital ones such as these.

But acting on the information is still up to you. It’s you to look at the symptoms and realize that you or someone you love has sleep apnea or hypertension, and then contact us or your doctor for more information.

If you want to learn more about how we can help treat sleep apnea and related health conditions, please call (408) 354-5600 today for an appointment with San Jose sleep dentist Dr. Nancy Nehawandian at Top Down Dental.