blog-freud-veneersDr. Sigmund Freud is considered by many to be the “Father of Psychology.” In fact, Dr. Freud began his career as a neurologist, and only later transitioned into the field of psychoanalysis, which would ensure his enduring legacy.

While there may not seem to be a connection between today’s worldwide obsession with better-looking teeth and the good doctor, looking closer unearths some interesting parallels.

Dr. Freud’s dream analysis and “oral fixation”

Dr. Freud often worked with his patients to analyze the subject matter of dreams. He believed dreams acted as “wish fulfilling” messengers to let patients know what they most longed for or feared (or both). In this, Dr. Freud assigned meaning to each area of the body.

The lips, mouth, tongue, and teeth were considered a source of world understanding, with “oral fixation” being one of the first ways an infant can make sense of his or her environment.

In this way, any oral desire from biting to chewing to swallowing to applying porcelain veneers for better-looking teeth might be chalked up to part of the natural maturation process.

What your interest in cosmetic dentistry teaches you about yourself

As such, if Dr. Freud were to rise from the dead and you were to book a psychoanalysis session with him, you might get an entirely different interpretation of your interest in better-looking and healthier teeth than what today’s culture would assume.

For instance, if you have a dream that your teeth fall out, Dr. Freud would tell you this relates to your sexual maturity – or lack thereof. Another way to interpret this dream would be to use the teeth as the symbol of your overall relationship with and confidence in your appearance.

Your teeth are the gateway to your health

Regardless of the interpretation that resonates with you, Dr. Freud did know one thing that most people today are just beginning to realize – the healthier your teeth are and the more confident you are in your appearance, the more potential you will have for enjoying your life.

Here, whether you choose to ignore or pursue your dreams and your desires for improving the health and appearance of your teeth, at least you have enough information to understand your motivations from a physical, mental, and emotional perspective. In this way, you can make a choice you can fully support and be satisfied with.

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