Don’t Forget to Protect Your Teeth When You Play. Use a Contact Sports Mouthguard

sport mouthguard injuryAre you involved in contact sports? Have you ever suffered an injury to your teeth as a result of playing these sports?

You may benefit from using a mouthguard in order to prevent injuries to your teeth. In fact, a mouthguard can do a great deal to help protect the health of your teeth when you are playing contact sports and even when you are involved in other types of sports and recreational activities that you would not immediately think of as contact sports.

Non-contact can cause injuries too

Many sports, such as football, hockey and rugby require that a contact sports mouthguard be used any time that an individual is participating in these sports. They are also frequently used in Martial arts due to the elevated chances of experiencing injuries to the teeth while participating in such activities. However, it is important to remember that many sports that you may not immediately think of as contact sports can also cause excessive tooth damage. Examples of these sports are basketball and even gymnastics. It is beneficial to wear a contact sports mouthguard in any of these cases.

Get the best protection

Dealing with injuries to the teeth is often very expensive. It is much more cost effective to purchase a mouthguard instead. Typically, there are three different types of mouthguards that can be purchased.

  • The most widely available and least expensive is the stock mouthguard. This is a mouthguard that is already in stock, as its name implies, and can be purchased directly off the shelf and immediately worn. It is not custom fit in order to support an individual’s teeth in any way.
  • There is also a pliable mouthguard that can be heated in hot water and then placed into the mouth in order to form a mold of your teeth. This provides a more custom feel but it is also important to remember that when you bite down on this type of mouthguard, it becomes thinner in the places that you have bitten down. This may potentially reduced the level of protection that is provided.
  • Finally, the custom mouthguard is designed specifically to fit your teeth. This requires a trip to a Santa Clara dentist in order to make a mold of your teeth and then have the mouthguard constructed around your mouth. By doing so, you are ensuring that you are gaining the highest level of tooth protection possible. Despite the fact that a custom mouthguard is more costly than purchasing a stock mouthguard, it is still far cheaper than having dental work done to repair sports injuries.

Learn more

If you would like to know more about how a sports mouthguard could protect your teeth, ask me a question and I’ll replay by tomorrow.