Are you missing teeth? Dental implants can replace them with great looks and functionality

shy-hand-mouthDo you have one or more missing teeth? Does the embarrassment about the way it looks often keep you from smiling or feeling good about yourself? When is the last time you allowed anyone to take a photo of you? Do you have difficulty chewing because of missing teeth? Do you find that you use your hand to cover your mouth while you are eating, talking or laughing? If your answer is “yes” to one or more of these questions, it is possible that you can benefit from dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

Unlike dentures, a dental implant is a permanent replacement for your missing teeth. It looks and feels natural, and it is the next best thing to keeping your own teeth. In fact, this type of tooth replacement is often the best course of treatment when both the tooth and the root are lost due to an accident or extreme decay. They also prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting and causing more problems. The best part is that unless you tell someone you have a dental implant, only you and your dentist know the truth.

Who Does Dental Implants?

There are many dentists that offer dental implants, but your best option is a dentist in San Jose/Los Gatos who is trained as a specialist in the field of dental implants. They possess the knowledge and expertise to give you the quality of care you want and deserve.

Want to Know More About Dental Implants?

That is great news because we have a lot more helpful information to give you. Getting something permanent like a dental implant isn’t a decision that you want to make lightly. It is better to first learn everything you can about the procedure itself, including the cost and how you can get it financed. This is where our fabulous and free e-book comes in handy. Download it today to find out more about dental implant procedures.

After reading our booklet, write down any of your remaining questions. These are helpful to take with you to your appointment so you won’t forget to ask your dentist each and every one. What, you haven’t made your appointment yet? Then last, but not least, contact your qualified dentist in San Jose/Los Gatos and take the next step to your happier smile today.