Have You Tried Everything to Cure Your Migraines?

migraine-womanFinding a cure for your migraine headaches can be frustrating and costly. Did you know that with the right diagnoses you could cure that migraine pain? Would you like to know if a TMJ disorder could be causing your migraines? Can you imagine life without pain? With a proper TMJ diagnosis, your San Jose/Los Gatos dentist can alleviate your pain so you can return to a normal life.

How could you jaw cause a migraine headache?

When your jaw joint is misaligned, migraines can develop. TMJ disorders can occur due to poor occlusion or malocclusion in your mouth. Occlusion is the meeting of your maxillary (upper jaw) and mandibular (lower jaw) either at rest or while chewing. If movement is misaligned between the maxillary and mandibular joints during the process of chewing, or talking, the pain can be excruciating. This discomfort can radiate to your head if it affects the nerves within this joint. The primary nerve is the trigeminal, which carries pain stimuli from your head, face, mouth, teeth, ears and neck to the central nervous system. The trigeminal nerves control and regulate the flow of blood through the arteries in your brain. When this blood flow is interrupted from a dental issue or misalignment of your jaw a migraine headache is often the result. Migraine sufferers know that the pain this causes is debilitating and can also move into your neck, spine and sometimes travels down to your appendages.

Help cure your migraines through self-assessment

Finding the key to relieve this pain begins with self-assessment and analysis. Through careful observation and assessment, you can assist your San Jose/Los Gatos dentist in deciding if your migraine is caused by a dental issue such as a misalignment of your jaw. Research findings within the medical community today reveal that the trigeminal nerve is responsible for most migraines headaches. There are several dental symptoms, which have been identified as a cause of your migraines. You with the help of your San Jose/Los Gatos dentist can identify these symptoms through careful observation to cure the pain.

TMJ Symptoms Checklist

  • Clenching or grinding your teeth
  • Missing Teeth
  • Misalignment of teeth causing malocclusion
  • Overbite
  • Uneven bite
  • Underbite (large lower jaw)
  • Slanted bite
  • Auto accident
  • Whiplash due to auto accident
  • Displacement of Jaw due to accident
  • Unstable Dentures or partials
  • Corrective Dental Braces
  • Extensive Oral Reconstruction
  • Over-crowded teeth

Are You Ready to Live Without Migraine Pain?

Do you want to know how you can assist your dentist and doctors diagnose your migraine headaches? Are you ready to move on with your life and return to a normal routine? Let the San Jose/Los Gatos dentists cure your migraines. To learn more about this process, and how it will help cure your migraines, download our free e-book, Do I Have TMJ?“. You deserve a future free of migraines and their debilitating pain.