Have you ever said, “I don’t like CPAP?”

SomnomedHave you been told that you have sleep apnea and you need to use a CPAP machine in order to successfully deal with the problem? Have you found that it is virtually impossible for you to get any sleep while you are using the machine?

Unfortunately, this is a problem that many people experience when they are told that they need to use CPAP in order to deal with their sleep apnea. It is ironic that the very machine that is designed specifically to help you sleep better and eliminate the many problems that are associated with a lack of sleep actually causes a lack of sleep more often than not. Fortunately, there are other solutions that you can try in order to successfully deal with your sleep apnea.

Sleep killers

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you are likely very familiar with the frustration that comes with not being able to get any sleep night after night. Even after you manage to fall asleep, you often find yourself waking up throughout the night. You may even find that when you wake up you are short of breath. The end result is that you wake up the next morning feeling tired and irritable instead of being refreshed and ready to start your day. In addition to the number of serious health consequences that sleep apnea itself can cause, the subsequent lack of sleep adds even more problems to the issue, further exacerbating the need to find restful sleep.

If you have been to prescribed a CPAP machine in order to deal with your sleep apnea, you are also equally familiar with the frustration that comes with trying to use this machine and find any degree of comfort while you are sleeping. For one thing, you are unable to sleep in more than one position comfortably while using the mask. Therefore, if you are an individual that tosses and turns a lot at night, you probably will not be able to sleep well. In addition, having a noisy machine with a mask attached to it that is now attached to your face makes it difficult for anyone else who is sleeping close to you.

Get relief

You may be able to find relief from all of these problems simply by visiting a dentist in San Jose/Los Gatos. Many times seeing a good dentist can alleviate your sleep apnea symptoms and allow you to get the rest you need without the use of the CPAP machine. This is accomplished by providing you with a specialized mouthpiece that is custom fitted in order for you to prevent your jaw from sliding backward and allowing the soft tissues at the back of your throat from partially closing off your airway. This is likely what is causing your sleep apnea. Therefore, when this problem is corrected you no longer need to use the CPAP machine and your sleep apnea improves. Therefore, if you have issues with sleep apnea and you don’t like CPAP, visit your dentist and find out if you can get real relief for your sleep apnea.

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